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Three yoga poses to de-Thanksgiving

As we head into December and look to recover from our busy Thanksgiving, I always amp up my home practice. Holidays can be stressful. We tend to over-indulge. We get stressed out. But yoga is there for us to help steer us on the right path. (I also find a long run can do a great job at combating holiday bloat, especially if you live somewhere where you are able to actually run outside!)

Here are my three favorite Thanksgiving recovery poses, to help me digest, destress, and destroy any Thanksgiving leftovers sitting in my belly!

1) Navasana–Boat Pose

This is a favorite for my nephew too! Start with your knees and feet together with your hands behind your back. Squeeze the knees, thighs, and ankles together. On an inhale lift the knees up to hip height. If possible, inhale and lift the arms up alongside the knees with the palms facing in. If you can, straighten the legs. If you are feeling SUPER ambitious (or wanting an added hamstring stretch), you can reach up and grab the big toes. From here you can keep your feet together or (as shown below) let the legs come out into a wide “v” shape.

Breathe! Hold for five to ten breaths. Practice bridge pose in between rounds. You can repeat three to five times.


2) Lunging Twist

Let’s twist again, like we did last summer! Let’s twist again, like we did last year! And every year.

I twist. Twist. TWIST to help detox after Thanksgiving. Supine twists. Standing Twists. And lunging twists, like this one! Always, if possible, twist to the right side first and then to the left side. Stay longer on either side as needed.


3) Side plank

Because nothing says fun like plank poses after the holidays! I practice plank, forearm plank, and every side plank variation I can think of! I am especially trying to master the big toe hold in side plank (shown below) but every variation is a good variation to help tone that core post turkey feast!


What are your go to yoga poses to help aid in digestion, tummy toning, and generally feeling healthy post-Thanksgiving? Let me know!




  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    December 1, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I love twists! I always make sure one of my practices every week mainly focuses on them! They feel so good!