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Journal to create an amazing 2015


I am often asked why I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s not that I don’t like them. I think they can be valuable.

It’s just that I believe we should constantly be seeking to better ourselves, get in tune with our desires, and seek to live the best life possible.

Every day. Not just on January 1st.

But I do sit down on January 1 and look at what I want to manifest in the year ahead.


I open my journal.

I free-write for 3-5 pages.

And then I decide on 3-5 specific things that I want to have unfold in my next year. They can be very persona, they can deal with health aspirations, and they can be about money.

But they have to be specific.

For example, I can provide you with a financial goal I personally wrote about this year. I know that in 2015 I want to raise my income by at least $30,000 over what I made in 2014 and, as a result, be able pay off all of my debt in 2015.  That will take a lot of work, effort, and hours. Because I definitely don’t make anywhere close that that…yet! But it can be possible. And because it is concrete I can actually work towards it and get my butt to making it happen. But if all I asked for was to “make more money” in 2015, the number is too vague, unspecific, and, therefore, not easy to really follow-through on.

In the New Year’s Day yoga class that I took my teacher Stephen Jones explained this whole theory as follows: “You can wish for a new job, but if you aren’t specific about what or where than the new job could be pretty great, but out somewhere like Alaska.”

You ned to find specific goals, desires, and dreams. And then chase after them.

I have some other awesome goals, but those are hush hush for now. (And some of them are just gosh darn personal, so sorry friends, I blog about a lot but even I have my limits on sharing….)


So write now, sit down.

Find a pen and paper. Open a journal. Or just sit at your computer.

Free write for 3-5 pages (there is no amount) on what you’d like to unfold in 2015.

Now from there, write a bullet list of goals.

Now from there, write a few specific goals that you REALLY want to focus on for 2015.

Put them on an index card and stick those goals on your fridge. Or make a note on your phone. Stick them on your google calendar. Memorize them and say them every day when you go to sleep or first wake up. Make these affirmations a habit.

And then both work your butt off and patiently allow the universe to unfold for you. Find the balance between action and inaction.

But never stop believing. Because true goals only come true when you 100% believe in them. When you 100% believe in you and that you are worthy of good things happening in your life.

So focus. Work hard. Believe. Take action. Let go.

And see what unfolds!




  • Annmarie

    January 4, 2015 at 8:48 am

    Love this <3 There is something so powerful and cathartic about writing your intentions down. I used to journal all the time, this year I hope to get back into it so I can really stayed focused!