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Let go, young grasshopper!


Letting go can be the hardest thing to do in the world. It’s so easy to try and be the one “in control.”

But by controlling, we lose the ability to soar on the wings of endless possibility.

We lose the joy of receiving, of being lead, of letting things unfold exactly as they are meant to. For years I was such a perfectionist that I could never begin to attempt #grasshopper pose.  Because I was afraid of losing control.

I was afraid of what would happen when I leaned over, kicked out, and just TRUSTED that the pose would come.

This is the kind of pose that, as with life, can only be enjoyed by letting go.  By easing up.  By stepping back from the mind and stepping into the body.

For me it’s a reminder that I always go to unconscious bad habits of being AFRAID and trying to control. Because trusting and letting go is so vulnerable. And scary.

But only by being vulnerable can we find the love, the joy, the balance.

And it is a constant reminder to be patient. Good things always come with patience!

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