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Surf the waves of thought

Learn to surf the waves of thought.

On allowing thoughts in and letting them go…..



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Our brains love to think TOO much.

To go into over-drive.

To worry about all the things that we fear happening.

To lose the present moment.

And then we take a yoga class. A meditation class. Where we learn that it is important to be in the present moment. To let go of fears, doubts. To stop worrying about everything that we can’t control. To let go the past, the future. To focus on the now.

And then we beat ourselves up when we get distracted.

Have you ever sat down on your yoga mat and thought, OH GOODNESS my brain is all over the place? And then felt like a failure? Silently berated yourself for thinking. And then start thinking more?

This is what happens to me when I meditate sometimes:

Exhale. Inhale. Focus on my heartbeat, focus on my heartbeat. OH MY GOD, I can’t hear my heartbeat. Am I dead? Why can’t I hear my heartbeat? What’s WRONG with me!?!?! Gah, focus, focus, focus. Ooh! Is that it? I think I hear it, there it is, there it is!? Nope, I lost it. Ooph. My ankle is falling asleep. Heartbeat, focus on the heartbeat, heartbeat. Urgh I really shouldn’t have had that second cookie with my lunch today. But it was super tasty. Oh crap, I’m thinking again. Heartbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat. Why is my heart beating so fast now? Am I DYING? SLOW DOWN HEART, SLOW DOWN. Okay, focus, focus, focus. Hearbeat, heartbeat, heartbeat.  My nose itches. Like really itches. Should I stop and blow it? No, focus, focus, focus. Wait–we are shifting from heartbeat and using a mantra? Gah? What am I supposed to be thinking. Focus, focus, focus. Mantra, mantra, mantra. OH MY GOD, I AM DOING IT!! I AM MEDITATING!!!! AHHH! Oh crap, I just noticed I was doing it, now I’ve lost it. Crap crap crap crap. I sooooo have to pee. Is it time to be done yet? FOCUS LORA FOCUS!!!!!! Heartbeat hearbeat–wait, mantra, mantra, mantra. oooooooooh. NOTHING. I’m thinking NOTHING. My thoughts are–oh crap. Nevermind. MANTRA, MANTRA, MANTRA, MANTRA, MANTRA. BLISSFUL MANTRA. Crap? We’re done. But I was just getting into this. OPEN MY EYES!?!? Don’t make me go back to the world. There is too much to do. Noooo….This is so nice. Can we meditate for longer? Pretty please? Never mind, I’m hungry. I’ll open my eyes now. Thanks, “Namaste” to you, too. OMMMMMMMMM.

As you can see, my brain wanders. And I get distracted. And I get frustrated. But I stay in it. I keep trying again and again.

You fall out of the now, you hop back on the present moment bandwagon and try again.

But the real trick of yoga, of present minded awareness, is to SURF THE WAVES OF THOUGHT.

When a thought comes up, don’t deny it. Don’t pretend that it’s not happening. Let it happen. Let it be there. And then let it float on. Maybe a new thought will take it’s place. Maybe you will get one of those brief moments of presence. But let it be. Don’t deny it. Don’t pretend it’s not there.

Accept the thought.

Because only by accepting the thought can you move on to the moment at hand.

Ride the ups and downs of the thoughts, of the mind, of your yoga and meditation practice.

Because then you learn to surf the waves of life.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!


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