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The practice of yoga is a daily practice


Yoga is a constant daily practice.

And what an amazing practice it is!!

The beauty of yoga is that no matter where you are, yoga is there for you.
On the happy days when the sun is shining, I come to my yoga mat to practice.On the stressful days when I seem to be go go going all day long, I come to my yoga mat to practice. And on the sad days when your heart is breaking, I come to my yoga mat to practice.

I laugh, I sweat, I smile, I love, I cry, I LIVE on my yoga mat. No matter where life takes me, my yoga mat and I are together.

And I am eternally grateful for my practice. Because whenever you need it, yoga is there.

The present moment is there. Time and connection to self is there. And when you spend time with YOU, anything is truly possible. Because you find time with self, with soul, and with the beautiful moment known as the here and now. Thank you yoga. You’ve been with me for over a decade. I look forward to decades more


  • maureen

    January 19, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    Great blog post. A wonderful way of explaining why daily practice matters.