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Vegetarian Chick’n Sandwich Recipe with #MyQuorn

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Quorn Foods. All opinions are my own.

Vegetarian Chick’n Croissant Sandwich with Quorn


I was a vegetarian for over ten years. That’s a long time! Although I now eat meat in moderation, I try to eat vegetarian as much as possible. I find my body just digests better after so many years of being meat-free growing up. (Note: when I was in high school I was that vegetarian who “didn’t like vegetables.” Thankfully becoming a vegetarian got me over that hurdle and now I love almost every vegetable on the planet!)

I do think that eating vegetarian during my formative years altered my body’s response to meat. I do find that if I eat too much meat, my body gets sluggish and slower to respond. So I try to eat one to three vegetarian meals a day. Maybe it’s my egg for breakfast, hummus midday, or a stir fry for dinner. But I find ways to include a vegetarian diet in my every day.  Especially before a long morning of yoga! (No one wants to practice twists with a heavy meal in their stomach!)

When Quorn Foods asked me to review and try their soy-free, non-GMO vegetarian meat, I jumped at the opportunity. I shy away from vegetarian alternatives to meat because most of them are full of soy and processed crap. There’s no way they can be good for you. (And don’t get me started on how processed soy usually can be.) But I often want a vegetarian meal and I regularly entertain for vegetarian and vegan guests.  Tofu and tempeh are all well and good in moderation, but they lack the zest and appeal and still contain soy. (If you want to know why I try to avoid most soy we can have a discussion another day. Trust me, it actually makes my face look poofy. Plus, I do feel like it makes my hormones a little super girly. Just sayin’.

I was so impressed by Quorn.

I fell in LOVE with the Quorn chick’n patties found in the freezer section at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and other natural food stores. (Even my Publix carries it!)


I wanted something ooey, gooey, and with a LIIIIIITTTTTLLLLEE less of that pesky thing called “guilt.” (Or that pesky super-heavy meal that requires a post-lunch siesta.)

I wanted a gooey croissant melt with avocado, chick’n, kale, and tomato.

I got exactly what I wanted.



Here’s what we did:

Quorn Chik’n Croissant Melt

Serves one to two



  • Quorn Chik’n Patty
  • Extremely Sharp Cheddar Cheese, sliced
  • Fresh Croissant (we got ours from the bakery at Whole Foods)
  • Grass-Fed Butter
  • Fresh Avocado (Hass preferred)
  • Organic Baby Kale
  • Organic tomato (we used a local Florida organic tomato)
  • Side of Terra Chips or other favorite lunchtime accompaniment


1) Slice the croissants. Toast them gently on each side in a skillet over medium heat. Butter to taste immediately upon reaching desired baked level.

2) Place the Chick’n Patties on the same skillet. Although Quorn says the preferred method is to bake, we found these did well in a fry pan over medium heat. You just have to watch carefully to make sure they cook through. (Just be careful not to burn your finger testing for done-ness!)

3) While the patties are cooking, layer a slice of tomato (or two) in the bottom of your croissant. Slice your avocado.

4) Once you have flipped the chick’n patty and it starts to look crisp, golden, and hot to touch–add sliced cheddar cheese. Cover with a lid, to help the cheese to melt.

5) Remove from heat when cheese is gooey. Layer on top of tomato on croissant. Top with avocado and follow with baby kale. Place the top of your croissant. PRESTO! Sandwich goodness. 😀

This is the finished product:

crossaint-chicken-sandwich-recipe-quornIt was absolutely amazing.

I ate every bite. I mean EVERY bite. Slowly, savoring each and every morsel. The consistency and flavors of the Quorn chick’n matched the sharp bite of the cheddar cheese and smooth avocado. The kale added some lovely garnish, crunch, and health benefits. While the tomato kept things colorful, healthy, and was divine paired with the butter of the croissant and the melted cheese.

Two thumbs up.

I will be making this sandwich again and again. I think it would also taste good on wheat bread, if you want to be healthier. It would also be divine served open-face on a pile of baby Kale.

No matter how you serve it, this “chik’n” is a winner. I can’t wait to try it on a salad next! (Still with avocado…YUM!) And then I’m buying the Qu’orn grounds and using them for a spaghetti squash and vegetarian bolognese. YUM! And then maybe I’ll get the chik’n strips and make a veggie stir fry with them instead of tofu. And then maybe I’ll get the vegan burger. And then… I want to try everything! 😀

Have you tried Qu’orn before? Are you a vegetarian or do you try to eat many vegetarian meals? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Alexandria @ Al2getherfit

    February 20, 2015 at 10:51 am

    Looks delicious! I’ve never had the Quorn! I’ll pick some up next time to check them out!