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Happy Easter!!


Easter is here!

I love Easter. I love spring. I love chocolate. I love celebrations. I love family. I love good eats and good times with people I care about. I love celebrations and rejoicing! (And hippity hoppity little bunnies, too!)

It’s time for me to bake croissants, quiches, casserolesbanana bread, cookies, and more! (Not to mention bring out my spring pastel fashion and my pink wine glasses. Wahoo!)

My parents are visiting so I’ve had a little less time to work than normal. But that’s okay. We ALL deserve vacations!

So today’s post will be short and sweet. Find a friend or family. Break out the good chocolate (I went and got some fantastic dark chocolate eggs from Godiva), open the champagne, and enjoy the holiday!

Happy Easter from my family to yours!




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