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Bhoga Yoga Blocks

As a teacher for yoga for everyBODY, I am a huge proponent of using props to aid your yoga practice.

Blocks can be an incredible aid to raise the ground up, to improve alignment, and to transform the quality of your yoga practice.

But the same way that we all come in different sizes and bodies, we all have needs that can be better supported beyond the traditional block.

That’s where Bhoga Yoga infinity blocks come in.

They look like this:



What’s the deal, you may ask?

  • Ergonomic arch
  • Earth friendly
  • Versatility due to rounded and flat edges, as well as having the center open
  • Rounded edge allows for a more comfortable restorative poses, as well as ease in standing poses, arm balances, etc.
  •  10.25 x 5.75 x 3.5″ and weighing 2.5 lbs provides study support
  • Unlike foam blocks that deteriorate over time, these blocks are in your practice for the long haul
  • Bhoga means “enjoyment” and these blocks are designed to help you more fully and joyfully practice yoga

Here they are in practice:

You can see that the my hand rests comfortably on the top of the Bhoga block, allowing for cleaner lines, greater comfort, and better alignment for my body in extended side angle.



Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. Pink Excel Top courtesy of Lorna Jane (out of stock, similar by Lorna Jane here, here, and here), pants by Onzie (out of stock, get similar Onzie capris here)

The block is also insanely helpful when placed on the OUTSIDE of my knee in the same pose, also shown below:


Photo by Ashlee Hamon Photography. Pink Excel Top courtesy of Lorna Jane (out of stock, similar by Lorna Jane here, here, and here), pants by Onzie (out of stock, get similar Onzie capris here)

But Bhoga Blocks NEEDS YOUR HELP!

To make these blocks using sustainable RENEWABLE wood, Bhoga Blocks needs donations and financial support. They have started an Indiegogo campaign to spread awareness and get these babies out to the yoga masses. You can donate as little or as much as you’d like. Perks start at $25 and if you donate $1,500 you can get 60 blocks for your studio! Of course, you are always welcome to give and not claim the perk–your support would be greatly appreciated.

Consider donating today and supporting the creation and distribution of these blocks. Yoga is not a cookie cutter practice and blocks designed to support the comfort and enhance the practice for ALL yogis are necessary as we continue to grow and expand the yoga practice for everyBODY.

Whatever you can give–no mater how much or how little–can help enhance this practice and ensure the production of these blocks.

Thank you for your consideration!

Have you ever used wooden blocks? What do you think of an ergonomic block? Let me know in the comments below!!

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