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My Favorite Way To Teach Savasana

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by 100% Pure Essential Oil. As always, all opinions are my own.

Savasana is one of my favorite parts of being a yoga teacher.

I love guiding my students throughout class, but then I love truly helping them to relax, let go, and surrender into the present moment.

I make savasana sweeter in a few simple ways:

1) Before savasana starts I bring essential oils around to my students (provided no one has any allergies.) We usually use lavender essential oil because it instantly helps the room to sink down into relaxation. I like this one from goPURE:



I come around the room and place a small drop into each of my student’s hands before they settle down into final relaxation.



As I do so, I instruct them to already begin to relax by closing their eyes from top to bottom and beginning to sink down into their mats.


After I drop the oil, I instruct my students to rub their palms together, cup their hands over their nose and take three deep inhales breathing in the scent.


After that, we begin to settle into true savasana.

2) Once my students are relaxed, I love to go around and give gentle savasana adjustments if the class is small enough.

My favorite thing to do is head massages:


Aren’t they the best?


If possible, I also like to gently press the shoulders down after I massage their heads, helping my students to relax even more deeply into corpse pose.



3) Then you let them sit for a while. I make sure to have great music to accompany class. Sometimes, I’ll even sing or play the flute! But whatever I choose, it’s designed to help my class to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

4) Coming out of savasana is JUST as important as coming in. We move slowly, luxuriously, there is NO NEED to rush. After we’ve all come up. We sit in seated meditation for a few moments. We breathe together, we revisit our intentions together, and then we join together for a final OM.


It’s that space after the OM that really gives me the teacher goose-bumps.

After the OM, we join together for a collective inhale, exhalation, and then the final “Namaste.”

It’s always hard to get up at the end of class, isn’t it? But hopefully everyone feels sweeter, calmer, and happier!

What is your favorite way to practice savasana? Do you include essential oils in your rest?

Let me know in the comments below!



  • Kristen

    August 26, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    I love it when my instructor gives us head massages during savasana. The essential oils sound like such a nice touch!