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Embrace your femininity

embrace your femininity

I used to be afraid to be girly.

Because somewhere along the line I was taught that being FEMININE was synonymous with being WEAK.

That all the girl power, all the empowered women, all the feminism….it really just meant to pretend to be, well, more like a man.

And I don’t want to be more like a man.

Yes, I am strong. I am driven. I am passionate. I am a leader.

But I am also soft. I am sweet. I like to bake. To write. To read. To sing. To take care of my family.

And it’s OKAY. You *can* succeed while maintaining your feminine softness.

To be successful, we don’t need to act more like men. We need to acknowledge that, yes, we are different–and embrace those traits.

I am pregnant. I am carrying a little growing baby in my belly. That’s technically my physiological purpose here on earth. And that doesn’t mean my be all end all purpose on earth is to give birth. But it sure is one of them. And I’m embracing that. I’m embracing all the qualities that come with being a Mom…. I want to nurture, to love, to bake, to show affection, to teach, to take care of my family.

And I want to be a leader too. But I acknowledge that I am different. I have different needs. But they are actually my strengths. Because I am a woman, I feel emotions differently. Because I am a woman, I can connect differently. Because I am a woman, I can  Because I am a woman, I can lead differently.

And my womanly qualities, my femininity? Those aren’t things to be pushed away…Those are traits to embrace. They make me who I am. They make me into the best me I can be. And they enable me to have power to change the world, authentically.

Instead of go-go-going. Instead of pretending the pregnancy doesn’t change you. Instead of denying feminine traits, wherever you are in your journey of motherhood. Instead of trying to compete. Instead of trying to be what you think the 2016 workplace and society expects of you. Try to just be you. All of you. And that means it’s okay to be girly.


It’s not weakness to be soft.

It’s strength.

Embrace it!

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