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Trust to Love

There are some things that cannot be explained. Explanation is beyond. It is on another level. And another plane. There is no way to comprehend everything in a human body. And that can be difficult at times. When you feel that you are most confused. At your lowest. Sick. Emotionally drained. “Stuck.” That is when it’s time to trust to love. Trust to source. Let go the thinking mind to turn on the feeling heart of source. There is no need to understand everything. There’s no need to analyze analyze analyze.
Let go the thinking mind to turn on the feeling heart of source.
What there is need for is love. For consciousness. For helping hands. Compassion. You’ve chosen this human form for a reason. It may not make sense. It won’t make sense to you in this lifetime perhaps. That is the way it is meant to be. Just breathe. Have faith. Trust that your source energy, the particles that make to you. They always know what to do and what is the path for now. And now is always changing. Shifting. Becoming new. Now is the land of magic. Magic is not dead. It exists as a vibration within us all. But it is only accessible when the mind relaxes. When the energy rises. When doubt leaves and love prevails. The love. The inherent goodness. The deep vibrations of spirit. That’s magic. But magic cannot be explained either. One must simply feel it and trust.

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