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It is hard to say just one thing about what I love about Lora’s yoga classes. She has so many unique qualities that makes her teaching style stand out from other instructors. Her positive attitude and friendly nature make her classes so inviting that everyone feels at home as soon as they arrive. Lora genuinely cares about her students and ensures that each person is challenged but is able to adapt poses to his/her own ability by creating a safe, noncompetitive environment where students feel open to explore. She adds elements of playfulness so that the class is fun and interactive. With over 10 years of experience as a teacher, Lora has a deep knowledge of yoga and its philosophy and she truly lives and breathes her practice on a daily basis. Her passion helps evoke a sense of self-discovery and transformation and I always leave the class inspired and wanting to become better both on and off the mat. I gravitate most toward her style of teaching because her authenticity as a person shines through and her encouragement has brought a greater sense of confidence to my practice. For me, I have found that confidence doesn’t come from mastering all the poses but from being your most authentic you. As a runner/triathlete, I actually struggle most with flexibility and had difficulty with even wanting to stretch before and after long runs. Lora is highly skilled and trained in proper body alignment and understands how to best correct each individual’s poses to obtain a deeper stretch and to prevent injury. She is well researched in this area and it has brought me a new sense of awareness which has improved my balance, strength and flexibility and in turn has helped me with my running. Lora’s positive energy is so refreshing and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by someone with such an enthusiasm for yoga, teaching and for helping others. I look forward to many more classes with Lora and highly recommend them!”

Erin O'Connell

Yoga Student, Certified Yoga Instructor

I met Lora through a connection in the small St. Pete yoga world. I was immediately drawn to the positive vibe she gives out, and later was lucky enough to enjoy her yoga classes. Lora makes yoga REAL. She talks about fears, doubts, inconsistencies and trial-and-error. She’ll hold your hand (or your feet) to take you through something new. She’s also a stickler for FORM, which is so important when remaining uninjured. Her soft spoken manner slips away in the studio, and she takes charge with a smile like sunshine. Sometimes her classes turn into impromptu handstand workshops, or wall inversion workshops. I also like that she is open about her back issues & limitations, because it let me know she could relate to my own. Lora’s classes are always a delight!

Raffi Darrow

Health Nut, Web Designer, Marketer

Lora Hogan is the best yoga instructor I have had the good fortune of studying under. She is always in-tune with her students’ needs and goals. Lora ensures her students are practicing safely, while progressing in their practice. Wise beyond her years, she has a superb eye for body mechanics and alignment.

Heather Doherty

Yoga Student

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