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Trials and Tribulations of Making an Omelet

Okay. So I’m not exactly Miss Chef. I wish I was. I try–genuinely, I do. I *want* to be more than a girl who makes decent appetizers and super tasty Christmas cookies. Time to get the ball rolling. What better way to start than with an omelet?

I’ve been trying to pay attention to my weight. (Who doesn’t?) And cooking for one doesn’t always equal cooking for health.  So I tried to use my remaining days calories for a good purpose. Dinner. Myfitnesspal.com tells me that I need to be smarter about eating enough protein. So what better way to combine health and improved culinary genius? An omelet.

I had spinach. I had feta. I had organic, cage-free eggs. And the internet. Surely, I could make my first omelet, right?

Okay. So I wasted like 30 minutes at first googling omelet recipes and how-to videos. (Did you know there are some truly heinous ones out there? And also some uber unappetizing ones, too.  What’s with egg white powder that one youtube video called for? Urm… Yucky much?) At last, I found one that looked good on Yummy Supper: “I love my Omelets.” How hard could it be? There are PICTURES to guide the way. I’m sold.

Maybe I just suck at cooking because I forget to pay attention.  It doesn’t happen when I bake, but always when I cook. It’s like I have temporary A.D.D. when it comes time to saute. I got the memo on doing the spinach in advance (good thing I read that far!)–only forgot to add garlic and shallots until the end, so my spinach ended up a bit overdone. I drained the remaining water like the recipe told me too. AND used basil olive oil instead of regular. So I think I get a check-plus for that. Added basil good-ness!  Then I tried to tackle the eggs. I had the feta ready on the side to add at the end.  It’s all a matter of dragging the edges of the eggs and letting the remainder tilt into the pan instead. I totally thought I could do that. Until that, is, I tried to drag the edges around and then.. it was more of a HUH moment. Sorry, but that bit is a tad more complicated than I thought it would be…

Needless to say, my eggs got a little more crinkly and a little less circular as I tried to cook. And how long do you do this for? I wasn’t sure, so I finally just tossed on the feta when I was afraid I was going to over-cook the egg, topped with the spinach, and desperately tried to “slide” and fold my omelet off the pan. Whoops! Seems my folding actions is kinda well, not so fold-ey, and my sliding was less than desireable.  Only half the egg folded over the rest, the other half remained woefully to the side–egg, spinach, and feta all visible.  Oh well. I grabbed my fork. (And my glass of champagne for good measure!) Time to dig in–no matter how ugly it is.

To be fair, my omelet was better than expected. Only how on earth do you get the feta to MELT?!?!

So my omelet was still tasty. Slightly ugly. Kinda messy. Lacking melted gooey feta.  But for a first time? Not half-bad. Certainly not photogenic, but not half bad.  Maybe next time will go a bit better? Or maybe next time I’ll try frittata instead…. that’s supposed to look messy and ugly when it’s done. And still goes well with champagne!

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