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This morning, I took a do-over.

Yes, a do-over.

Things that started my day off on the wrong foot:

  • I hit snooze.  Three times. That alarm buzzer noise sure is annoying! And loud.  Hrmm. Guess there’s a reason for that.
  • Hitting snooze made me late for my run.
  • I didn’t have time to eat something before my run.
  • I couldn’t find my shoes.
  • I broke my nail grabbing my keys. Hate to sound like a dumb blonde, but it’s true. Sometimes breaking a nail (especially a pretty thumb nail recently filed and painted in a gorgeous peach shade)
  • It was really hot and humid out and I had to cut my run short to 25 minutes. I ran like a turtle today.  FYI slow and steady doesn’t always win the race! (Though I did manage to escape getting poured on! Check plus for me.)
  • As I poured my coffee in to the cup–somehow the pot spontaneously decided to link and coffee spilled across my counter-top. Ouch! That’d be some hot coffee on my hand!
  • I tried to make this delectable spinach, gouda, and fried egg English muffin sandwich from Self magazine’s 2010 drop 10 diet.  Only I burned the spinach and over-cooked the egg. Still tasty, but definitely of the burnt. Not so bueno. Definitely something I’ll make again, however! (Just watch the spinach next time. And the egg. And maybe drink coffee while cooking. The lack of coffee didn’t help.)
  • After I put my make-up on I sneezed fifty million times and got make-up all over my face. Serious racoons eyes. My eye-liner somehow even ended up on my EYEBROWS!! How does that happen? I should’ve taken a picture.  I looked like I was ready to join the zombie-pocalypse. As a zombie, of course!

As I stared at my zombie face. I heard drilling (yes, drilling) commence outside my apartment. I sighed. This wasn’t the way to start my day!

So I grabbed make-up remover and took off my face.  I changed my clothes into my favorite zebra-print dress from H&M. I put my sparkly gold shoes on.

And I thought, Hello world. I’m starting over.

And that’s what I did.  I took a do-over.

My second cup of coffee tasted twice as good. No spillage. Just smooth, refreshing, delectable brewed coffee.

I fixed my broken nail.

I made plans to go to yoga tonight.

And I started the day again.

Take that world! Try to put a damper on my day and I’ll just find a way to keep a-going! Keep being positive!

I think this e-card sums up my view today! Get ready world.

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