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Is it really good luck when a bird poops on you?

“I have something terrible I’m going to have to tell you,” She said, her face quite serious.

I was at a luncheon work meeting in DC. It was a lovely day. We were sitting outside enjoying our sandwiches.  The conversation seemed to be going well.  Omg, I thought, What could I have done to offend her? She seems so nice.

The girl got up and walked over to me so she was at eye-level. I braced myself, wondering what this bad news could be. “I am soooo sorry,” she said.  “But a bird just pooped on your shoulder.”

EEEEEEWWWWWW!!  I looked to my shoulder. Yes, there was a weird glob of something nasty.  And yes, I was wearing a dry-clean only, super-adorable, green and blue polk-dot dress from Anthropologie. And had back-to-back meetings until 10pm at night.

We cleaned it up as best as we could, sanitized our hands, and she went back to her day like normal. I went back to my day, too, only sporting a terrifically awful wet spot.  We tried to clean the bird goop off, but you could CLEARLY still see the remains. And little flakes of tissue that got stuck to the fabric. Way to look classy.

Is it true? Was this bird pooping on me the start of a good luck trend? I managed to find an extra 15 minutes to get into my hotel and change my clothes. THANK GOODNESS.  I felt disgusting, walking around with bird poop on my arm.  Yuck!

But good luck? I’ll gladly put up with a little goop from a bird in DC to send some happiness my way.

So good luck, are you coming? ‘Cause I could sure use you right about…well.. NOW!


  • Roxane Keller

    June 19, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    Ewww! I’m sorry that happened but I couldn’t help laughing out loud reading about it! The only time I’ve been pooped on by a bird I was seeing my ex again for the first time after a year and a bird pooped right on top of my head! I screamed so loud while he couldn’t stop laughing… It was awful. It was in DC too. Are DC pigeons extra malicious or something?! I don’t remember if anything particularly lucky followed but I sure hope it does for you, you’ve earned it!

    • Lora

      June 24, 2012 at 1:38 pm

      Oh my goodness! I can’t imagine a bird pooping on me when I was with an ex! That’s the worst!!! But too funny you screamed and were in DC too! The birds there must eat too much or just feel the need to “give out good luck” or something to make them so poop-tastic!