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When is the last time you gave back because it MADE YOU FEEL GOOD!?!

Granted, in my real life, I work in fund-raising. But working in fund-raising, sometimes I forget how good it feels to give. To make someone smile and know you made their day.

That feeling? AMAZING.

At my conference this last week (see “Adult Summer Camp“), all of our tremendously talented and extremely experienced faculty were volunteers. They gave up a week of their work life and personal life to come and teach us and live in the dorms! Pretty amazing, right?

The faculty was amazing. Without them, I never would have learned as much as I did.  We were divided up into groups, each group having one faculty leader and approximately 20 or so members.  I knew we had to do a WOW thank you. We had to tell our group leader how special she was and how grateful we were for her offering up her time and knowledge.

So I arranged for everyone in the group to contribute $5 towards her gift, thank you card, and a box of quality chocolate.

We had a wine and cheese reception and I used the opportunity to try to be sneaky and find everyone in my group, tell them about the gift, ask for their contribution, and all without our leader noticing!

Well, apparently I’m not so stealthy. James Bond, I am not.

The next morning, our sweet leader pulled me aside. She gave me a hug. With a hand on my back, she asked “Is everything ok? You seemed sad.”

I started to panic. Is everything ok? Was there something wrong? Oh my god! Am I sad?  I must be sad. Oh my goodness.

Then I asked, “Um.. I think I’m ok? When did I seem sad?”

“Last night,” she replied, “at the reception. You could have been concerned? Or thinking about something” She offered other solutions, but clearly was concerned that something was amiss with me. She noticed that I was not being my generally perky self!

LIGHT BULB! Oh goodness. She saw me trying to avoid her at the reception AND try to track down everyone in my group. Woops!

“Oh um… I was probably just looking for someone to talk to,” I replied, trying to cover my steps. Bad Lora! Learn to be sneaky!!!!

She seemed relieved with this answer. We hugged some more and returned inside.

I was worried, though. Did she realize we were getting her a present?

No.  We collected nearly $100 towards the gift, card, and chocolate.  I took so much pride in buying something that we knew she would LOVE LOVE LOVE and also writing the card.  On the last day, I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t wait to give her the gift and see HER smile.

And smile she did!! You could tell that we made her day and her whole face lit up! And she was relieved to know that I wasn’t sad!!!!

What an amazing experience. I still keep thinking about giving her the present and how awesome it felt.

Giving to others is an amazing experience. Talk about endorphins!

When is the last time you did something for others?

This clip is my favorite example of why it’s great to give back. Watch it! You will see some familiar faces and it should open your eyes a bit.

Give to get back.

Give to give forward.

Give to create happiness.

It spreads like wildfire.

Giving = joy.

And always send a thank you note!

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