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Pull Yourself Up by your Bootstraps

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

 Earlier this week, was one of those weeks.  You know the kind I mean.  Where you feel like NOTHING is going right and you are doing everything wrong. Where best-made plans fall through and you show up ridiculously early for yoga class and you can’t even get a spot in the room.  Where you find yourself crying in your car and you don’t even know where to start as to why.

Being a girl sucks sometimes.

But that was my week. Well, the start of my week.  But, thankfully, I am not the only person I’ve talked to had cases of the Monday’s, the Tuesday’s, you get the picture.  No fun!

It sucks.

And it happens.  And you can let it get to you and go GAH I HATE EVERYONE, GAH NOTHING GOES RIGHT, POOPY WORLD YOU SUCK! Or you can do the harder thing.  Breathe. Slow down.  Remember that you are awesome and loving yourself first and foremost is the most important thing.

Dang! Remembering that your inner-self is amazing and that you are fantastic can be hard. And breathing. Breathing can be hard when things all start going wrong. But obviously, it’s the most important thing. You’d think, being a yoga teacher, I’d know better than to get upset when there’s no room for me in yoga class. But when you feel like a list is piling up and all you want is to let go of the tension in yoga and find you can’t, well, that just plain sucks. First world problems, I know.  So that’s when you slow down and breathe and embrace your own awesomeness and self-expression.  Or go get a drink with a friend and ignore yourself until you get home later.  Which, of course, is what I did.  And still a valid form of understanding.

You are not other people.
Other people do not define YOU.
Other people do not make your happiness.
Other people do not make up your self-worth.
You are special, fantastic, cool, and wonderful and need to breathe into that and remember that.

I’m not saying getting a big ego. Because, well, obvi that doesn’t work either. You need to be OPEN to your faults. OPEN to your imperfections. OPEN to failures, OPEN to flaws, OPEN to FEAR.

And put on pretty clothes. Because when I wear pretty clothes, I am always more self-confident and more aware of who I am. It makes me happy.  So I wore this outfit.  If pink pants don’t make you remember that life is awesome, I don’t know what does!!! 

Remember, it’s who you are on the inside and who YOU think you are that counts the most!!!

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