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Labor Day

So Labor Day is a weird holiday. I actually don’t get it off where I work, I took a vacation day. And it seems half of my friends work it, half don’t, and half the people don’t know what to do to celebrate.

But Labor Day does signal the “end of summer.” Even though it will feel like summer for another month or two here in Florida!

Labor Day, so far, has meant the following to me:

  • Friends
  • Running, running, running! I need to get back in running shape ASAP.
  • White shorts, white jeans, white capris. White, white, white. If it is about to be the end of white season, I’m gonna wear it all that I can!
  • A ridiculously tasty and cheese-filled dinner with a friend, followed by trying what seemed like 50 million beers at World of Beer. (They are SO nice to let you try beers first!!)
  • Return of college football, complete with….
  • A Georgia Bulldogs victory!
  • Shopping for sales at the mall with a college BFF! Why yes, I did get the cutest leopard print cardigan at H&M!

Make sure you sign up for the H&M emails! I saved 20% off of this cardigan with a coupon! 🙂
  • Me not going to a beach party because I felt old.  Is it possible to feel too old now?  When did I go from young to old!?!?????
    • I’m 27.
    • The guy who invited me to his beach party JUUUUUUUST graduated from college in 2011.
    • He was cute and fun.
    • I couldn’t find a friend to go with me. Well, I could but not till way later. I didn’t want to show up and have them all be drunk.
    • I knew I’d probably be one of the oldest people there.
    • I didn’t want to be around a bunch of 22 and 23 year olds in my swimsuit. I have some cute swimsuits. But I’m getting OLDDDDDD. I have cellulite now.  And they definitely don’t.
    • So I freaked out and didn’t go.
    • Should I have gone? Am I just making excuses or being lame?
  • About to head to a super awesome two hour long Labor Day yoga class, complete with DJ. This is my kind of party! See? I am getting old and lame. I’m super psyched to go to yoga for two hours and get sweaty. And meditative. Not go to the beach and get my sexy on at a party. What is my problem!?!?
  • One of my BFFs just got engaged to the sweetest, nicest guy! Have now realized that, out of my college circle, there are only TWO of us left who are single. And I am one of the two. How did that happen!?!??
  • I received weird flirty text messages from an ex. How do exes always contact you at the most inconvenient times? Like when you just found out a BFF is engaged and are thinking over how chronically single you are.
  • Made an amazing salad where I made up the recipe, drank wine at home, and for the first time in a long while, curled up with a good book.

Why yes, this was the most amazing bacon avocado salad you will ever have!

Amazing Bacon Avocado Salad
Serves one


  • 1-3 cups “power greens” blend (Store bought or home-made. I primarily had kale and spinach on hand, which is a tasty combo!)
  • 1 slice freshly cooked high quality bacon, crumbled (I used Niman Ranch)
  • 1/2 small hass avocado (or 1/3-1/4 large avocado)
  • 1 small campari tomato, sliced
  • 3/4 small carrot, peeled and sliced into rounds
  • About 1-2 oz Romano cheese, freshly shaved
  • 1.5 tbsp Green Goddess Dressing 

1. Place the greens in your salad bowl. Add carrots and tomato.  Top with avocado and bacon. Lastly shave Romano cheese onto salad.  Mix-in dressing. Toss thoroughly to coat. (I always toss 21 times. Don’t ask me to explain it, but I think tossing 21 times exactly ALWAYS gives you the tastiest salad and most evenly distributed dressing.)

You can buy store bought Green Goddess Dressing or make your own. I’m a fan of the Moosewood Cookbook’s Green Goddess Dressing. I was lazy and used Annie’s organic store-bought dressing, which I had in my pantry. But my home-town newspaper reprinted the recipe a few years ago and, if you have a blender or a food processor, you can whip up your own Green Goddess Dressing in a jiffy. The home-made is definitely superior to Annie’s. And you can match the taste to your personal preference!!  Find the Green Goddess Dressing recipe here.


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    September 4, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Run with me! Im new to it so if you dont mind walking more than running to start with, than join me 🙂 Im meeting every Monday night at 7pm at a bar downtown. I’ll give you the details if youre interested. – Cher