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Georgia homesick

Today, I missed home.


My Georgia home.

Southern accents.

Biscuits and grits.


Antebellum homes.

Autumn leaves.

Big front porches.

Our  funny little confederate cemetary.


Caramel Cake.

Dawgs football.

Constant country ,usic.

My Mama and Daddy.

I don’t know why. But I’ve got a good bout of homesickness going on.

For the first time since I’ve moved to Florida. I’m sick of summer. I’m tired of the heat. I want cool weather, fall foliage, and a chance to put on a scarf. I want to walk and crush leaves under my boots. I want to step on pecans and acorns and hear the satisfying CRUNCH as they break under my foot. I want to smell Autumn. Because, I think (along with roses), the smell of real Autumn outside may be my favorite scent in the world. And you can’t bottle it up or replicate it. You can only smell the real thing.

But I can’t. I’m in Florida.

I need to visit home soon.  My town of Madison, Georgia is pretty special. I will be sure to profile it’s awesomeness for y’all later this week. If you ever visit Georgia, you need to visit Madison. The town may be small, but it packs a mean punch. There’s no other town in the world like it! In the mean time, check out the amazing Southern Living “Day Trip to Madison, Georgia” piece online:

And back here in Florida,  I’m on a shortage of Southern-ness at my Tampa Bay home. I need to buy new grits, I have no biscuits, no pimento cheese, I’m not too Southern right now. Time to fix that-pronto! BUTTTT I do have some amazing Tulepo Honey from the Savannah Bee Company.  So in the mean time, I’ve popped some pb on Trader Joe’s wheat toast, added some fresh banana slices, and drizzled the Savannah honey on top. I swear, the Savannah Bee Company has the best honey in the whole US! They sell it at Whole Foods and some specialty shops, though you can always use the need to buy it to plan a trip to one of my favorite cities–Savannah, Georgia! Savannah Honey = lip-smacking goodness. MMMM!

Trader Joe’s Soft Wheat Bread with creamy peanut butter, sliced banana, and drizzled with Savannah Bee Company Tulepo Honey.

Do those of you up North appreciate Fall? Do my other warm-weather friends miss Autumn as much as I do?

I even wore Fall Boots to work yesterday (the high was ONLY 80 degrees), to try to make it seem like Fall! Do you have any tricks to make it feel like Autumn even, well, when it is still summer outside?

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