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Are you ready for Christmas?

Today is still here.

Thank goodness!

I have too much to do for the world to end! Though my favorite line about the world ending on twitter was from Mr. Salman Rushdie (who is a professor at my alma mater of Emory University, as a side note). Mr Rushdie said “Oh well, if the world doesn’t end tonight, it’s not the end of the world.”

And, despite some awful torrential downpours, thunder, and lightening here–the morning seems to have come. Huzzah. Now we just need to hope no crazy people do anything today!

Today is my pre-Christmas get ready day.

Plan of attack:

Morning pages. (Check plus for making day three of The Artist’s Way!)

I couldn’t live without my moleskin journal. (Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s fantastic!)

Eat gingerbread for breakfast. Pretending that I am not allergic to ginger. And that I am not having a dessert-like thing first thing in the morning. SHHHHHHH! If you don’t tell my Mama, it didn’t happen!

Meditatation for compassion. “Cause it seems like the thing to do today, y’all. We need some extra compassion for ourselves and the world this holiday season!

Some heart-opening and hip opening yoga poses to get me travel ready! I’ve got an eight hour car-ride coming up!

Last minute Christmas shopping when mall opens. (Yes, I am going there early.) Praying that mall does not destroy me. Embarrassed by my lack of pre-Christmas shopping. Can you say behind much?

Wrapping of said Christmas presents in front of my itsby bitsy tree. Please let me not get tape stuck in my hair like last year. Pretty please do not let me get tape stuck in my hair like last year. Do you know how hard it is to get tape out of your hair when you LIVE ALONE!?!?!?!? And ouch!

My itsy bitsy Christmas tree!

Listen to Michael Buble’s Grown up Christmas List on repeat. Because that’s my wish, too. “No more lives torn apart..and love will never end!!” Yes, I have a grown-up Christmas list for love this year. See Let Your Inner Love Artist Rock and Letters to the Editor I and Letters to the Editor II for more details.

Write Christmas cards. Because I am old fashioned like that. And super duper duper behind this year…. EEK!  Do you still write Christmas cards???  I’m trying to mostly do Christmas postcards, but will need to send some really real card cards too, if only because the package didn’t have many postcards and I couldn’t get a second box! (Because there were none. Alas.)

My Christmas Postcard!!

Hang out with some of my besties before going home home home!!! Here I am with my college Kappa bestie Samantha at a Christmas party we had last weekend! My friend Katie already posted party info on her blog. Check out that post here.

We can’t stop laughing when we are together. I think we have so many variations of this photo going back to Freshman year!

Somehow, I didn’t get a photo of all of us together. (Bad Lora! I swore I took one, but mast have accidentally deleted it. Sadness.) But here’s another cute picture of Karen, Katie, and I at the Junior League holiday party! (For more on JL holiday party see “The heat is on in St. Pete“)

And, lastly, I need to PACK ALL MY STUFF! Or I’ll be home for Christmas–but only have clothes and presents in my dreams.

How are you getting ready for Christmas today?

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