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Who am I and why am I here

Who am I?

As a new year approaches, we continually ask ourselves. “Who am I?” How can I better myself? What will the new year bring?

Who am I?

Even “blockbuster” movies delve into this question. In Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman’s character of Jean Valjean continually asks himself this question.  He needs to know who he is and what his purpose is.

Here is a snippet of Hugh Jackman’s Jean Valjean asking himself this very question:

Who am I?

I’m Lora. I’m a yogi. I’m a writer. I’m an actress. I’m a singer. I’m a fashionista. I’m a sister. I’m a daughter. I’m a student. I’m a teacher. I’m a lover. I’m a friend. I’m everything. I’m nothing. I’m more than meets the I.

Who am I? I’m so many things. The answers seem to go one and on and on. I am not my job. I am not my image. I am not just one thing or another. I am infinite.

But the question Who am I? forces you to dig beneath the surface. The “who” goes beyond the I’m this and I’m that’s. To get to the “who,” you must ask yourself the “why.” And be willing to really answer it.

When I turned twenty-one I asked myself a variation of this question–twenty one times. I asked myself “why am I here?” and made myself write an answer for each year of my life. Twenty one answers without censoring. Written with a pen and paper.  Twenty one times of asking “why am I here?” And listening to my actual answer.

Here are some of the answers (edited, as my list was rather long and in-depth), to that question “why am I here.” I believe I know who I am by understanding why I am here. And now that I’ve revisited the list, it’s time to act upon it!

Why am I here?
  • I am here to help spread love and peace to the world.  I am here to love.  I am here to act and write and have a family.  I am here to bring vivacity to life and experience the sun, the rain; all the elements of the world.  I am here to be a lover and a friend; a mother.
  • I am here to change the world.  Really change the world.  To teach through yoga, acting, etc. about peace and prosperity and help those in need.  I am here to have a loving family and hold hands with friends.  I am here to be one with the universe.
  •  I am here to access my potential and live in the moment.  I am here to change the lives of those around me and spread kindness and generosity everywhere I go.
  • I am here to experience every aspect of life.  To taste deeply, love deeply, feel deeply, and live every moment as fully as possible and not waste time and energy in negativity and doubt. 
  • I am here to find my legs.  To stand tall so I can offer myself to the world, but also so I can remember to take what the world has to offer with loving arms. 
  • I’m here to be a mother and a lover.  To my own children, husband, and the whole world.  All of it. 
  • To find and use courage and bravery and remove fear and insecurity and help the whole world to find Joy and the unlimited potential for happiness.
  • To appreciate life’s small moments—the smells of food, flowers, grass, nature.  To love all of them and to hold my hands out to the world and receive life’s blessing.
  • To love and laugh and find happiness and to know that happiness and bring it out to the world.  To write books, teach classes, give presentations, enact scenes, sing, to help others to be more understanding, more aware of the world around them and more accepting of the universe and more willing to realize the beauty of what is already here and now.
  • To know that I can never know and to find clarity in that.  To take brave risks in life.  To go for hikes, walks, runs.  To let go.  Dance, do yoga, be free.  To connect with others without worry or doubt.  To help children and see love reflecting in their faces.  To help prevent cruelty other other humans, women, animals, and to make monumental steps towards erasing hatred and chaos and war in the world and to make whatever progress I can to spread messages of joy and love. To live out my messages of joy and love in my present life.  To love my friends, let go of past resentment, to love my body, to take chances in life, to open up, to confide and love in a husband, to treat each day as an opportunity, and to let others know that I appreciate them and love them.  
  • Because I have, within me, power to help change the world.  I have the love and strength to be completely myself and honest and connected to friends, family, lovers, children-yet-to-be.  And I can do that while offering myself up to the writing, teaching, dancing, singing, putting on plays that spread my message of love to the world.  To campaign against violence, hatred, defense, greed.  To help protect the world and all its inhabitants, because the world doesn’t need to be a place of fear.  It can, and should, be a place devoted to love.
  • To say “I can.”
  • I am here to change lives, to change the world through first loving myself and then bringing that love out to the world.  To write books for children and make them into movies and plays, to start a charity devoted to promoting and lobbying for love above all and looking out for the little guys, to spread ways of looking out for the world.  To instruct yoga and do yoga and live in the present.  To love my family and have a family and a home that is well-decorated, tidy.  To see the old-fashioned in life and bake cookies and smell bread.  To swim with dolphins and travel about the world. To hold hands, to lean into a hug, to give hugs, to Let Go.  To cry when I am sad and to know that I don’t have to be perfect.  To relinquish control.  To give up the reigns.  To trust to the infinite.
  • To be me.  Always. At all times, every second of the day.  No matter what or show scary that is.  To always be me and not cheat and sell myself short, not avoid things, not escape because the road looks rough, but always purge ahead, always feeling me, always being present and never stop living the day right by me and being true to me.
  • I am here to love.  Fully and completely love and take love at home with a husband, take love for friends, and bring it out into the world through acting, yoga, writing, dance, music.  Help everyone tap into universal love.  I am here to help change the world.

What is your purpose? Why do you think you are here? As you are looking at forming New Year’s Resolutions for yourself, are you remembering to set goals that will further your purpose? That will further your self-worth and help you be a better you?

Feeling stuck?

Try this meditation on yogaglo with Harshada Wagner as he explores “Who am I?.”

Let go of who you THINK you should be and open yourself to who you REALLY are.

Sit down and ask yourself “Why am I here?” And make yourself write answers for as many years as you have been on earth. (So if you’re 30, answer the question 30 times. If you are 65, answer the question 65 times.) Eventually, you will find you write the answer to your question.

Comment below, talk to friends, really write in a journal, get out of your head.

Still super duper stuck?

Send me an email and I will work with you to answer the question. To find ways to open yourself up to the answers and your own potential. Let’s start 2013 by removing our own personal obstacles to success.

Let’s not make New Year’s resolutions that keep us from our true selves. Let us resolve to be who we are, love ourselves, and make goals that allow us to take risks and explore our potential.

Take a chance on YOU.

You just might find that who you are inside is greater than you ever dreamed possible.

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