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Be a Cheerleader

You need to cheer for others.

When is the last time you cheered on someone else?




When was the last time you GENUINELY cheered on someone else? Wished them true success without a modicum of jealousy or any ulterior motive?

We get so wrapped up in our own lives, that it is easy to forget about others.

So, while my broken toe has literally stopped my in my tracks, I have used the opportunity to get back to the importance of rooting for others to succeed.

What this has meant for me:

I have cheered at two half-marathons, supporting the runners who are out there doing what I can’t do. And yes–that still means you get up at the crack of dawn.

With my good friend from Running Betty! I always need pom poms when I cheer. 

I volunteered to teach a yoga class fund-raiser at Yoga Blu to help my friends Karen and Stacy meet their Team and Training goal! (Psst! They still need donations if you’d like to help! Check out their training page here.)

Karen and I before our yoga class!

I have helped numerous friends as they re-examine their job opportunities, their passions, what they want from life, and supported and genuinely tried to assist them towards success. Without expecting anything in return.

Plus, I’ve supplied tasty bake goods, where applicable.

And with all this support, friendship, and smiles–people have given me some strange looks.  All I have to say is this: try helping someone out. Try cheering someone to the goal. Because you WILL help them.  Sometimes, all a friend (or even a stranger) needs is a smile and reassurance that YES, “you’ve got this.”

So all of you. You people out there. Reading this today.  Let me just say….YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever it is you are trying to do. Whatever it is you want to chase after. You can make your dream come true. And I’m here to help you. Cheer you on.  Give you a helping hand.

And there’s nothing I want in return but a smile, a hug, a high-five, or just the knowledge that you are one step closer to success.

In turn, I ask that you try to help someone else. CHEER THEM ON, the way you wish someone would cheer for you!  Because it will make a huge difference.

You go! You rock!  Now get out there, chase after your dreams, and be sure to stop along the way to help somebody else be awesome and amazing! Stop. Smile. Hug. Cheer!