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Guest Blog: Challenge February!

Special thanks to my  fantastic and inspiring friend Heather for sharing her experience!

So at the heightened kickoff of our February Health Challenge I went and broke my dominant wrist snowboarding.  Alas, the icy patch won in this battle and clipped me out from under my board and my monthly aspiration.  But I couldn’t let the injury defeat me on this challenge.  “Can’t” is not a word in my repertoire.   As one said, “challenge February, don’t let it challenge you.

Admittedly I started the month on the wrong note, blaming my own weaknesses on the ice.  As many of us do when we are sick or injured, we want comfort.  The comfort we felt as a child and those qualities of care that will return us back to our core.  Unfortunately in my case, that comfort is associated with chocolate pudding, bologna sandwiches, and mac and cheese and of course they are oh so “easy” to make with one hand.  But it turns out with a little creativity, there’s a lot we can do with one hand and it’s really not that much more difficult to be healthy.  

After the first few days of these adolescent indulgences, I was downtrodden.  Even more defeated than the wrist, I was now spiraling into the junk food capital of Cheeseville.  That lasted for 48 hours, which was long enough, actually too long, for me to take an initiative.  Ok… so I’m not going to be able to run my 3 miles 4 times a week.   I’ll have to do the bike for an hour versus the 20 min norm… check.  Pushups are now out of the question.  Supplement with squats… check.  And sure it’s cheesy, but if my boarding season is over, I’m going to dust off that Wii Fit (which were apparently cool a few years ago but not now) and use that damn board to ride my way through my living room.  Use every available resource in this imprisoned world. 

Now the battle of the CHOP.  I decided to make exactly what I want and I’d figure it out along the way.  So after I pulled the pork tenderloin to the chopping board, I stabbed it with prongs, stabilized it with my chin, and sliced with that ever so precious usable hand.  Of course now realizing my knives need sharpening… put that on the to-do list!  What veggies will cut with an abrupt slap chop and one hand?  Why crisp ones of course.  Broccoli, lettuce, asparagus to the rescue… align in your ranks.  And that childhood chocolate indulgence?  Why there are so many low fat chocolate snacks and yogurts to satisfy that craving with complete fulfillment.  With the amount of effort it takes to open one 100 calorie pack of Oreo crisps, I shall savor and be done. 

After just a few days of nuts, oats, veggies, and lean meats I feel better even with the injury at hand (no pun intended).  I’m ready to get started and stare this operation “right-handedly” in the face and recover faster and with restored health.  The inability to wine and dine is actually a supporter to this challenge.  No feeling sorry for thyself, what’s that going to do?  Who knows maybe these veggies will push this recovery into the accelerated healing phase. 

It turns out immersing ourselves in this harrowing habit of “comfort” is just a self-evident reminder that we’re injured and adds unnecessary limitations to our achievable goals.  In being cognitive of what I’m eating and maintaining to tackle February not only by its shortened duration due to my setbacks but those damn 28 days, I’m continuing on my “normal” approach.  What is this injury anyway?  I don’t see anything here, do you?  My left hand may disagree but for now we shall keep proving those constraints wrong.  Brace yourself wrist, we are on a diet. 


  • Jenny

    February 7, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Oh no!! Take it easy. Broken wrists seem to be going around these days! Since last March 3 members of my immediate family have broken theirs!!