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Yoga for Runners with Fit2Run, YogaBlu, and Fitlife Foods!

Yoga for Runners.

We run run run.

We stretch sometimes.

We run run run more.

We get injured or tight or cranky or just don’t reach the time we want.

We run run run more.

Then we finally go (hopefully before we get injured), hmm… what’s with this yoga thing? Maybe I should look into it.

I want to help runners use yoga to compliment their practice before a race, after a race, and during any time of the training cycle. 82% of runners get injured and most runners don’t look into yoga until AFTER they have sustained an injury. While yoga can be hugely beneficial after certain injuries, it can be more beneficial at PREVENTING injuries, strengthening, lengthening, and helping runners be the best athlete they can be.  I want to be that non-scary yoga lady who helps athletes perform to the best of their ability. (And as a runner myself, I know what it’s like!)

For some time now, my emphasis in my personal yoga practice has been on yoga for runners and yoga for athletes.  This interest has continued into my teaching, where my passion is teaching yoga for athletes, especially runners like me.

This week launched my Yoga for Runners workshop at Fit2Run St. Petersburg.

For those of you who don’t know Fit2Run, it is an awesome store specifically for runners with locations throughout the great state of Florida. You can check out the downtown St. Pete facebook page here.

I salivate over all their shoes for women!

Fit2Run St. Pete shoes for women. I want them all!

It was an awesome partnership.

YogaBlu Studio arranged for me to teach, Fit2Run hosted us (and was fantastic about spreading the word), and Fitlife Foods brought coupons and bars for the athletes to enjoy post-class.

Here I am with Megan, the owner of YogaBlu, and Ashley, the manager of Fitlife Foods in St. Pete:

Here I am with Karen, the event coordinator for Fit2Run St. Pete. She’s amazing!  To see all the cool events at Fit2Run St. Pete, check out their facebook page.

Class had an awesome turnout, ranging from veteran yogis to first-timers, casual runners and marathoners and triathletes!

I did some talking/explaining at the beginning. (Check out the cool shirts in the background!)

And we got down to business.

But don’t worry, we kept things fun!  I always laugh in baby cobra pose, don’t you?

There were lots and lots of asymmetrical standing poses and balancing poses.  Check out all the gorgeous dancers! (Plus, great quad stretch!!)

We worked our hamstrings, too.

Long hip-opening holds. So much to let go of when you run run run!

I sang during savasana. Ahhh.. The final relaxation can be the hardest part for some athletes!

And of course, I got a bit silly with some arm-balances after class. I just couldn’t resist! My shirt matched the Fit2Run sign and the floor was PERFECT for practicing some balances!

To see more photos from the awesome event, check out the Yoga for Runners facebook album.

We hope to bring Yoga for Runners back to Fit2Run in the near future and I hope to bring Yoga for Runners throughout Tampa Bay, Florida, the Southeast, and beyond!

I would love to share yoga with your running community!  If you would like to schedule a Yoga for Runners workshop, please email lhogan (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please watch the events tab for updated workshops, as well as “like” me on facebook!

Special thanks to Running Betty and Digital Running Club for help with the fantastic event photos!


  • Crystal Hamilton

    May 18, 2013 at 9:39 am

    I’m not a runner…but I really need to start doing Yoga. I have spine damage from a car accident and I think it would help a lot with some of my issues (my muscles tense and I get knots that cause a lot of problems). Let me know if you ever do a beginners class. 🙂

  • Jennifer Pug Pug

    May 18, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    What a great program! I have never been able to get into yoga (I tried it once when I was pregnant and it was the most awful experience), but I can definitely see the benefit for runners. Do you have any plans to come to NE Florida at all? I am pretty sure that there would be a lot of interest in this.