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June Goals

It is June, which means I need new goals!

My awesome healthy living group is still kicking. We would love to have you join the conversation on facebook!

Here were our guidelines for goal setting:

“- BE SPECIFIC! Instead of “I will eat healthier” think “I will cut out fried foods.”
– BE REALISTIC! Don’t set yourself up for failure. Pick goals that you can easily chart and have a chance of succeeding at.
– BE DIVERSE! Healthy living isn’t just about food. Try to include an exercise goal, a mental health/spiritual goal, and maybe even an ecological goal!
– BE HEALTH-MINDED! This group is NOT about fostering unhealthy expectations of perfect bodies. It is about supporting yourself in feeling your best!

Also, it can be helpful to come up with a PLAN that will actually help you meet your goals, as well as any specific types of support you would like from the group. I look forward to hearing everyone’s goals!”

Lora’s June goals:


  • Running:
    • June Week One Runs: 
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 4 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 7 miles
    • June Week Two:
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 4 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 7 miles
    • June Week Three:
      • Monday: 4 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 3 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 8 miles
    • June Week Four:
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 5 Miles, Friday: 4 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 8 miles
  • Yoga:
    • Continue Yoga daily practice (even if just five minutes)
    • Make it to early morning yoga class MINIMUM of 1x/week
    • Attend yoga classes and/or workshops MINIMUM of 2x/week
    • Yin or Restorative yoga practice 1x/week
  • Cycling:
    • One time/week as cross-training
    • Use cruiser as transportation whenever possible and help environment!
    • Get a race bike budget and a new helmet
  • Swimming
    • Swim at least one time/week as cross-training
    • Attend Thursday evening class for Triathletes
  • Strength-Training
    • Start strength-training as cross-training
    • Strength-train one time/week
    • Go to CrossFit Foundations Course

Mental Health/Spiritual:

  •  Meditation:
    • Meditate for 21 days straight, beginning on June 3rd and crossing off calendar
  • Career/Professional Development:
    • Do a minimum of one thing to help further Yoga for Athletes workshops and career goals every day
    • Develop comprehensive Yoga by Lora three month, one year, three years timelines and goals
    • Build advertising for Yoga for Athletes
  • Other:
    • Go to dentist. 
    • Floss every day.
    • Visit Acupuncturist and/or massage therapist one time this month

Healthy Eating:

  • Food:
    • Follow Paleo-ish diet for month (Note: verbiage: “Paleo-ish.” Listening to body comes first!)
    • Plan weekday meals; post on blog
    • Use Myfitnesspal app to actually track progress–even on weekends

Budget and Travel:

  • Travel:
    • Plan some vacations
    • Make a new bucket list to do by 30 and by age 50
  • Budget:
    • Save yoga receipts and stop losing money by not documenting/declaring them, etc.
    • Find a way to use blog to better assist with running/yoga/race goals and costs
    • Travel budget and bucket list budget

Wow, that’s a lot! Do we think I missed anything!?!