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May Goal Review

Wow May, you whizzed by! How is it time for June already?  

I learned a lot from my May goals.  My running goals were the most specific–and was the easiest to accomplish. The lesson? Be as specific as humanly possible.

I also had a lot of illness in May with my huge respiratory problems.  Another less? Go with the flow and listen to the body.  I wasn’t allowed to swim. I didn’t swim all month. It is OKAY. There is time to swim in June.

Let’s see how I did….

Here were my May goals, and how I fared:


  • Running: Actually training instead of just running for fun. Continue to try to run with a group or running buddy as much as possible.  Run for days a week.
    • May Week One Runs: 
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 3 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 5 miles
    • May Week Two:
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 3 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 5 miles
    • May Week Three:
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 4 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 6 miles
    • May Week Four:
      • Monday: 3 Miles, Wednesday: 4 Miles, Friday: 4 Miles, Saturday or Sunday: 6 miles
    • VERDICT: Complete Success, despite breathing problems!
  • Yoga:
    • Yoga daily practice (even if just five minutes)
    • Make it to early morning yoga class MINIMUM of 2x/week
    • Attend yoga classes and/or workshops MINIMUM of 3x/week
    • Study and plan yoga workshops with clear sequencing and repeated self-practice 
    • VERDICT: Partial Success, did early am class for first two weeks, but breathing problems kept me from going and reduced some of the classes I taught. Did study and plan yoga workshops, though!
  • Cycling:
    • Ride my bike somewhere at least once/week, preferably with friends. YES, riding my bike to a bar crawl (or in a bike bar crawl) will be acceptable. 
    • VERDICT: 3/4 Weeks success. I need a new bike helmet.
  • Swimming
    • Swim at least one time/week
    • VERDICT: Complete FAILURE due to respiratory problems. Swimming was NOT allowed. Time for take two in June!

Mental Health/Spiritual:

  •  Meditation:
    • Meditate every day, even if only for five minutes. Importance is that I do it EVERY day.
    • VERDICT: Quasi-Success. I definitely meditated about half of the days of the month. Need to make a chart to hold me accountable.
  • Career/Professional Development:
    • Small daily steps to continue a) standing up for myself and b) taking myself to the next level in my career by end of month.
    • Career journaling 
    • Better job of attending networking events
    • Creative Space
    • Start going to Toastmasters
    • Find new ways to make more money
    • VERDICT:  Success, with exception of toastmasters.
  • Other:
    • CREATIVITY.  Find time to do something creative, even if it is writing a 30 second poem, singing a quick song in the car, busting out dance moves on a run. Going to a concert. Attending a play.  Acting in a play workshop. Zumba class. The possibilities are endless. But the important thing is to find a way to use my creativity EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    • VERDICT: 50-50 success/failure.

Healthy Eating:

  • Food:
    • Continue cooking for others weekly
    • Begin meal planning
    • Start a food budget
    • Continue to limit beer
    • Slow down and, as much as possible, avoid eating and multi-tasking!!
    • Read more cookbooks 
    • VERDICT: Mostly success. I’d say 3.5/5 stars

Ecological Goal:

  • Run/Walk/Bike instead of driving as much as possible
  • Buy local and organic produce as much as possible
  • Be better about buying only what I need, not what I think I need.
  • VERDICT: Complete Success

What about you? How was your May? Did you meet your healthy living goals?? Where could you improve? Any tips for me?


  • honsberger4

    June 3, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Looks like a very successful month Lora! Thanks for the reminder to set some June goals 🙂

  • Jina

    June 4, 2013 at 10:15 am

    It looks like you rocked May! Awesome job!