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Why I Run And Digital Running

Today is National Running Day and all over the blogosphere people are posting why they run.

For me, it is quite simple.

Running makes me happy.

I like being happy.

So I run.

It’s that simple!

(And yes, sometimes I run for bacon. But bacon makes me happy, so I think it is all the same thing! Ha!)

And a part of why running makes me happy is the fantastic community and friends I have made through the sport. Runners are, for the most part, ridiculously good people.

And one of my favorite runners and dearest of friends Running Betty has a birthday today.  I met her within days of my moving to Florida at an awesome yoga class/yoga party. She and I became rapid friends and Runnign Betty has one of the absolute kindest souls of anyone I know. She is so friendly and so generous. In short, she is AWESOME!

Here we are (slightly fuzzy) at the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival earlier this month:

And then we have theater memories together:

Yoga celebrations after the all day long yoga event Energize Tampa Bay in 2010:

Here we are when we cheered cheered cheered at the Rock ‘n Roll Half St. Pete earlier this year, in our Digital Running attire:

Yes, Running Betty also works for Digital Running! And Digital Running gets to the heart of WHY I RUN.  Digital Running is happiness. Because not only does Digital Running have ridiculous fun events like Ragnar Race Relays, but it creates new friendships and forges a running community–around the country. HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?

What is more, Digital Running is at the cusp of even greater happiness. Digital Running is growing–and creating a new app and new technology to bring together MORE people, MORE races, MORE friends, and MORE FUN. You will be able to get good, quality race reviews, interact with others, share training plans via iPhone and Android apps, meetups, and sponsorships. In short, DigitalRunning.com’s new technology will only help runners to be more happy! And as I said before, isn’t that what running is about?

But Digital Running needs your help!  They have launched a campaign on Indigiegogo.com to help pay for the new technology and bring together the online running community.  They need to raise $16,000 to provide technology infrastructure, financial aid for runners, safety gear, and more.  This is important stuff to take Digital Running to the next level and provide the technology needed to send Digital Running SOARING. Digital Running is free to use (there is a cost for relay teams and medal challenges) and the next phase will also be FREE TO USE!  But free doesn’t bring in money for cool stuff and that’s where YOU COME IN.

Donate to help DigitalRunning.Com.  Even as little as $10 helps. And if you give $2,000 you get an overnight relay! Plus, there is a rumor circulating that Running Betty will shave her head if they reach their goal…We’ll see about that!

Here’s a home-grown video by Digital Running to explain their new crowd-funding campaign:

What I ask of you:
In honor of National Running Day and Running Betty’s birthday, please support DigitalRunning.com!!

Give Now
Please give, even $10 to support DigitalRunning.com. All donations are processed through Indie Go Go and can be made by visiting http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/digitalrunning-com-using-technology-to-bring-runners-together.

No money? That’s ok. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Tweet, facebook, pin, blog, text, call, talk it UP.  Show that there is an online running community who believe in DigitalRunning.com.  Talk about them like there’s no tomorrow.

But seriously, it would be awesome if you gave money today. For National Running Day and Running Betty’s birthday.

I run because running makes me happy. You know what else makes me happy? Helping people I love, like Coach Brian and Running Betty.  So please, let’s help make their day and support their crowdfunding campaign.

It would be awesome if they could make their goal ahead of schedule!!

Thanks y’all.  Keep running!


  • Running Betty

    June 5, 2013 at 11:28 am

    This is so sweetly written. Thank you so much Lora for sharing our story and your kind thoughts – on my BIRTHDAY no less! It really means a lot to me!
    I’m glad you treasure our fun memories as much as I do.
    I hope the next phase of Digital Running will help LOTS of runners find their next favorite race with our race recommendation software.

    And P.S. I only shave my head if we DOUBLE the goal. That’s $32,000. And I’m doing it just after the Disney Marathon. Maybe some of your running readers will be there!