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Friendship and The Women’s Running Half St. Pete

Two in two!
That was the goal!
Two half marathons.
Two weeks.
What fun!
It was also a special race because one of my all-time best friends Katie ran her first half marathon!!
Here we the four of us are pre-race!!

This was a special race.

I finished it holding my friend’s hand, having run by her side the entire time!

It was hot and humid. My friend had a weird pain in her hip. And I told her I would stay by her side. For the entire race.

And run side by side we did….including holding hands through the finish line! She thanked me for helping her and, at the same time, I thanked her for helping me. Friends help friends get further, challenge yourself, and keep you smiling. I definitely smiled more going through the race because my friend was at my side.  It may not have been record time, but it was still an amazing and satisfying race to me. The time flew by with someone to chat to. I forgot about the humidity or how I was tired. I forget everything and was able to enjoy the moment.

We helped each other finish, motivated each other to keep going, and reminded ourselves that we run for fun. And fund we did have.

Have you ever run a race with a friend?

Finishers!! 2 in 2! Huzzah!

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