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Gasparilla..aka how to throw an adult pirate party at 9 am


Tampa Bay’s famous pirate invasion.

Mardi gras… with pirates! Arr!

I live near the parade, so at 9 am (well..actually earlier than that..) me mateys all got together for the party to end all parties! Yo ho ho!

First, the decorations:

Because yer reindeer be a pirate at heart! ARRR!

Centerpiece and treasure chest! Feather boas are amazing!

Beads, beads, everywhere! The trick is to hang beads EVERYWHERE! Put beads EVERYWHERE!!

Every pirate party needs a pirate plate!
Also, chocolate gold coins! MMM chocolate…

The table ends:

The food:

Brunch items are a must.

I went with some old stand-bys and new favorites.

Mama’s Brunch Casserole:


Chile-Cheddar Brunch Squares:

I also made an amazing PALEO JALAPENO BACON bread from Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers and foolishly forgot to photograph it!

Two of my incredible friends made these awesome fruit swords:

We also had:

  • Donoughts from Datz Dough
  • Donut holes from Dunkin’ (and coffee)
  • Bagels and muffins from Panera
  • Bacon
  • Chorizo potatoes
  • Cheesy hash browns
  • Greek yogurt
  • And a treasure chest of treats!
Plus, Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, and more! (Including that pirate favorite–grog!)

Pinterest is amazing for side items. I was so busy hostessing I forgot to take photos, but needless to say we had:

  • Fish ‘n chips (gold fish and potato chips)
  • Fish bait (vodka soaked gummy worms)
  • Dead man’s fingers (I used the Trader Joe’s chili lime cashews)
  • Polly’s crackers & cheese cubes
  • Peg legs (corn dogs)
  • Ocean jello shots (blue)
  • Chocolate covered bacon (because why not?)
  • And temporary tattoos!

Here’s a candid shot of the food and guests:

    And no pirate party is complete without a PHOTO BOOTH:

    We got a printable “take your picture or walk the plank!” sign from Pinterest!


    Pirate flag for a back-drop, some friends, flags, and fun faces! BOOM. Insta-photo booth! 🙂

    Fun times!!!

    Arrr you a fan of Gasparilla me matey?


    • Nichole

      January 27, 2014 at 1:58 pm

      Yes! This is awesome! I love the reindeer decked out for Gasparilla 😉