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I love you Trader Joe!

I love Trader Joe’s.

I really do. It’s embarrassing.

I can’t wait until the Trader Joe’s opens up down the street from me.

In the mean time, I save up for a big trip down to Sarasota.

And when you spur of the moment decide to have a girlfriend over for dinner and a chick flick, you can whip together a meal quickly and without stress!

We enjoyed the Trader Joe butternut squash risotto, grilled chicken, and used their recommendation for shaved Brussels sprouts with bacon. Paired with wine and ridiculously good dark chocolate for dessert, we had a pretty fancy-looking meal!

Check it out:

The Brussels Sprouts were ridiculously easy. Trader Joe’s has a recipe on the back of the bag that combines BACON (always a fave), balsamic vinegar, and water!


What’s your favorite thing about Trader Joe’s?

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