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Paleo Breakfast for the New Year

Yes! I have started 2014 on the right foot–the Paleo-ish foot.

I am not the world’s strictest Paleo.
I try to not have wheat.
I try to not have dairy.
I try to avoid rice and soy.
I refuse to eat food with ingredients I can’t pronounce.
I try to be mostly vegetarian.

I consider myself a REAL food eater; not exactly a Paleo eater. But when I explain my habits, it is easiest to say “Paleo!”

Really, however, it is about eating good food as close to the source as possible. And as Michael Pollan says “mostly plants.” 🙂

So, with that in mind, I have started the year off healthy. Or pretty, healthy I would stay!

Today, I started the day off with my own sweet potato/Brussels sprouts egg breakfast. Yum!!

Sweet Potato Brussels Sprouts Breakfast
Serves one-two.

Left-over roasted, sauteed, or boiled Brussels Sprouts
One-Four Eggs
One-Two Sweet Potatoes, peeled and sliced.
Coconut oil.
Salt and Pepper.
Siracha Sauce (gluten-free and MSG free)

1. Heat a skillet on medium.
2. Add coconut oil. Eyeball it–you want enough to fry the potatoes, eggs, but not so much that your breakfast will be greasy.
3. Add freshly sliced sweet potatoes. I chop mine roughly–no need for uniform shape. Try to keep them around the same size, however, to help cook evenly.
4. After several minutes, as the potatoes start to brown, add desired amount of pre-cooked Brussels Sprouts. (I use leftovers so mine are cold from the refrigerator. You could cook them up in the am, as well, but I am always too sleepy for that!)

5. Once the sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are warm, crack two eggs (or desired amount.) Add eggs to frying pan, cooking to desired tenderness.  I like mine medium-overy easy, so that the yolk explodes on top of the sweet potatoes when pierced with my fork.
6. Serve topped with salt, pepper, and, my personal favorite, siracha sauce! (or whatever else your heart desires!) If you want a heartier breakfast, serve with sausage (turkey, chicken, pork) or applewood smoked bacon. (All nitrate-free, of course!)

ENJOY with coffee. Wake up. Feel human! 🙂

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