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How you can help #PassLove

What is #PassLove?

#PassLove is a movement to build generosity, share compassion, and be more loving.  To help ourselves and others let go insecurity and let in kindness and mindfulness. To lead through love.

“Be love. Share Love. Receive Love. To change the world through love.”

How can you participate in #PassLove?

It’s easy.

Be more loving. To yourself. To others. To mindfully respond to others. To lend a helping hand.  To give an extra hug. To smile at a stranger.  To experience the present moment and make decisions from an over-arching place of compassion.  To make the world a better place through love. To inspire others to be brave, let go of their insecurities, and act from a place of kindness.

What is the social media campaign for #PassLove?

Let’s inspire others to #PassLove.

People often learn by examples.  Let’s give them examples of love!!

  • Tweet when you’ve helped to #PassLove
  • Instagram your favorite photos and moments that show #PassLove. Include #PassLove ON the photo or in the comment. (Note: this may be different than you think! Remember the theme is LOVE! Is your photo really helping support others? Or are you doing it from a place of insecurity! EEP! Let’s post to inspire, not because we need “likes”.)
  • Facebook loving moments in your day, acts of kindness, and things that make you go YIPPEE! Include #PassLove
  • Share your #PassLove story in the comment section below.
  • Email me your #PassLove story at dailysouthernsunshine (at) gmail (dot) com.
  • Youtube your #PassLove moment
  • Blog on #PassLove
  • Create #PassLove art–write a poem, paint a picture, compose a song, act out a monologue, whatever helps you to find your happy!
  • Use “old fashioned” media to #PassLove–write a letter, bake for a friend, pray on #PassLove, volunteer with your favorite charity, call an old friend, journal, host a dinner party, play with a child, help your friend organize her finances, speak up in a meeting, run for “me” time, meditate, sing in a choir, listen attentively to others, GET CREATIVE!!!
  • Am I missing something? What? Tell me! We’re all for getting the word of #PassLove out there!

Don’t forget to share your #PassLove struggles! When do you find it hard to be present and kind? What keeps you from feeling compassionate towards others? No one said #PassLove would be easy!!! 

And lastly,

Tell everyone about #PassLove

Let’s make love go viral!


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