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Never stop growing

For fun right now I am reading the novel Second Star to the Right by Mary Alice Monroe, which delves into the world and themes of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. What happens if we never change, if we never “grow up?”

We never fully live.

Growth can be scary.

So many people don’t want to embrace change, embrace growth, to mature and adjust to the various stages of life.

I’m sure right now you can think of someone you have known for a decade who, while you have changed, has stayed stagnant emotionally, mentally, socially, etc. Someone who has not changed or grown.

In church on Sunday my Pastor said,  “The more I grow, the more I need to grow.”

It is not healthy–emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally–to remain in a place of stagnation.

Think about a glass of water that is left sitting on the counter for too long.  You could still drink it without harm, but it will probably have partly evaporated, has some bacteria, and would taste pretty funky. It wouldn’t kill you…but it wouldn’t be as pleasant as it could possibly be.

People who don’t grow are like stagnant water. They are stagnant.

Synonyms for stagnant include: “lifeless,” “static,” and “dead.”

When you don’t grow, you aren’t truly living.

We are meant to change, to grow, to be the best possible version of us. And that changes every day.

Are you allowing yourself to grow? Are you open to change?

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be a better person, to love more fully, to take leaps of faith, to actively work towards a better tomorrow.

It may be baby steps, but find room to grow.  Little by little. Every day. Always be changing, always learn to love more, to think more deeply, to challenge yourself. Always be open to knowing that the person you can be tomorrow is not necessarily the person you are today.

Take leaps.
Help others.
Love fully.

Grow continually.

Albert Einstein once said “growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Will you grow with me…today, tomorrow, the day after?