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#PassLove: Yoga Ascent Nepal

In a few short weeks a group of Tampa Bay yogis will depart for a fourteen-day-trek through Nepal on a yoga seva (selfless service) project. Their goal? To deliver shoe supplies, books, shoes, and more to children in the remote mountain villages of Nepal.  If that’s not an example of #PassLove, I don’t know what is!

Do you travel for service projects? Do you participate in local service projects? I believe an important part of #PassLove is remembering to help others and share kindness with people–while also traveling and getting away from your “comfort zone.”

I can’t go on the Yoga Ascent Nepal this year, but would like to do a mission trip through my church or a yoga seva project in the coming months….preferably somewhere I’ve never been before! Any recommendations?

Meanwhile, Yoga Ascent Nepal is still collecting donations for supplies for the children. If you would like to donate please send a check to Kirti LLC. 4510 W Rogers Ave, Tampa FL 33611. You can also contact Annie at Yogani (annie (at) yogani (dot) com) for more information.

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