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Take Creative Chances

Think you can’t do something? Think again.

Meet Jan.

This is Jan!

My friend Jan Farrell last truly took the stage in a full performance in 2010.  She has two children, has been divorced, and works full-time.

But she loves creativity.  She loves acting.  She loves theater.

She had a nagging feeling that she wanted to write a play.  And so Jan did what so many of us never do.  She had a dream…And she went after it and did the very thing she dreamed that she could do.

After seeing her friend perform in an new work, Jan asked herself “Why can’t I do that?” And, unlike so many of us who ask a question and see all the reasons why not, Jan jumped on the positive. That she could do it and there was no reason not to go after it with gusto. Jan describes it as “Everything just sort of took off.” The play “started out as one thing or concept, but as time goes on, it’s evolved into something kind of awesome.”

And she is beyond excited.

Why is she so excited? Because Jan has a big heart. She hopes that the play will positively impact the lives of others. Jan says, “just knowing that my work will be performed in front of an audience, and people potentially will walk away and feel good, or will be happy, or they THEMSELVES want to do something or create, be inspired, etc. That’s incredible!!” And sharing a gift with the world makes the giver (in this case, playwright Jan) feel pretty happy and content.

The important lesson is that we all have creativity inside of us. We all can challenge ourselves, go after our dreams, do the things we say we want. But they only happen when we bite the bullet. When we let go of the negativity and doubt and fully DIVE IN with all our hearts.  That is when the magic happens.  What magic do you want to unleash?

A table reading of Jan’s play, featuring the actors, director, and stage manager

Reverse Reverse opens next weekend as a Job-side production at Jobsite Theater at the Straz.  A play about love, it is also a mix of truth, fiction, and imagination from the mind of Jan Farrell.  It’s her hero’s journey, her leap into the unknown, her willingness to explore her self–and share her inner thoughts and dreams with the world. The result is one happy Jan!

Jan’s advice to you? “Now… go create something yourself, and then PLEASE come see my show.” 😉

Go after your dreams.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Goethe

Reverse Reverse
A Jobsite Theater Job-Side Production
Shimberg Playhouse at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts
March 16-25, 2014
Sunday-Tuesday 8pm
Tickets are $10; free to Jobsite season ticket holders