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Yoga as Art: A Workshop with Micheline Berry

This Sunday I had a privilege to attend a workshop with Micheline Berry at Yogani Studios in Tampa, Florida.

Photo from the Yogani Weekend Workshops

Entitled “Liquid Asana Live” the two hour workshop was described as “an ecstatic yoga journey that will ignite a deep flow of shakti prana – the vital creative juice of your being. Your entire journey will be accompanied by live world music, ecstatic percussion and a few of Micheline’s groovy DJ’d tunes to guide you deeper into the creative flow as you explore vinyasa kramas (flowing yoga sequences), core work, pranayama and ecstatic movement.”

In my happy list, I emphasized the need for yoga, dance, creativity, love, and joy in my life.  What I was missing is that, sometimes, you can experience all those things at once.

Micheline Berry’s two hour class brought me back to my heart and reminded me why I am here on earth.  Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Micheline wants us all to find our gifts, to find our art, our talent, and to bring it out into the world. To share it in order to make the world a more joyous place. Because, whether we realize it or not, we have something special within us that is exactly what someone else needs.

The class got me out of my head, a place I have spent all too much time in–even in yoga class.  The yoga transformed to a fluid meditation, a dance, a song, a community connection.

Throughout class the following words played throughout my head. “Be love. Share love. Receive love.”

Only after class did I have the jarring realization that, in 2007, I had shared those same words in a Yoga and Creativity workshop, focusing on visualization and going after your goals. I had meditated, written, and spoken aloud the following “Bring love to the world. Be love. Share love…. I want to change the world through love.”

But somehow, despite knowing that I wanted to be inspirational, to make a difference, to use my artistic nature to help others, I didn’t see my goal as translating to using my God-given talents and my creative skills.

Micheline turned my insecurities around.  She emphasized that yoga is art. Our talents are art.  Sharing them is a creative process.  Changing lives does not have to big a big thing, it can be small, it can be simple, but the size does not mean the experience is not profound.

You never know what you have to offer if you do not try to offer yourself out into the world.

Since 2007, I have dreamed of offering myself to the word, my talents, my art, my writing, my yoga, my creativity and skills.  Yet due to fear, feelings of inadequacy, worries that it was nothing “big enough,” and, again, that pesky fear, I did nothing. I did not share my talents and help others the way that I know I can and that I am meant to.

Micheline reminded me that a little can be enough.  And that it doesn’t matter how big you share, but that you share your talents.  And that you believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and act from the heart.

There is never a “right time” to start a project.  There is never one “right way” to share your gifts.  The only “right” is that you connect to God, connect to your purpose, and that you then share your talents with the world. Because even if the step to sharing seems small to you, you never know what can transform another person’s life.

Be love. Share Love. Receive Love.

How are you incorporating art in your life?

Based in California, Micheline Berry teaches yoga workshops around the world. For more on Micheline, visit her website zendancing.com, find her on facebook, or tweet her at @michelineberry.

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