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How to reset your mind, body, and spirit for spring

Spring cleaning can be a healthy thing.

A time to examine your health habits, your mental habits, and reconnect to your spirituality.

Today marks the start of several great things for me:

1) The start of the final week of the Lorna Jane Pinterest Challenge: Believe

2) Spring Reset Detox Plan with Laura Peifer Health Coaching

3) Ashley Turner’s Digital Meditation Conference

Good stuff, ya?

First up, “believe.”  If you don’t believe in yourself, motivate yourself to go beyond, and inspire others around you–you’re missing the picture. Today is a day to reconnect to yourself, to God, to what moves you and to believe you are worthy of awesomeness. Because you are!

That’s why I like Laura’s health plan so much.

This is the image on her main Health Coaching page:


She wants you to fuel your body, find your balance, and “be your best self.”  That’s what I want, too! (And what the Lorna Jane “Move, Nourish, Believe” motto is all about!!)

As you all know, I eat pretty healthy as it is (primarily Paleo), but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve been in an eating “rut” and having the same foods day in and day out. I need to spice up my eating, detox, and get back to truly eating clean to be my best active self and best healthy self.

The next three weeks will be fun. New food, new menus, new guidance, and great group coaching support. I will keep you all posted on the journey!

Paired with a week full of meditations thanks to Ashley Turner, and I am in for some soul-searching, hear-opening, and super healthy next few days.

What do you do to get your mind, body, and soul back on track for spring? Do you detox? Do you meditate more? Do you move more? Do you seek inspiration and motivation? Tell me! 🙂


  • Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    April 21, 2014 at 11:31 am

    I’m so glad you can join us, Lora!

  • Sarah

    April 24, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    I am doing the Spring Detox challenge and really enjoying it. I was worried the group coaching wouldn’t be worth the money, but there’s no way I’d be doing as well without it.