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#Lornajanespringclean with Kevin Bacon and Ashley Halley

Use your natural talents and skills to help others.

Kevin Bacon does.

We all have things that make us special, natural talents.

We need to use them to bring joy to others.

This week, I was able to see Kevin Bacon drop in with his organization SixDegrees.org. SixDegrees.org argues for “social networking with a social conscience.”  Kevin came by the Give Day Tampa Bay meeting to use his celebrity to promote charitable giving in our community.

Here I am in the newspaper with Mr. Bacon:

Now, we aren’t all Kevin Bacon. But we can all use our personal talents and attributes to help others out and make this world a better place. To #PassLove using our strengths.

I know that my joy and energy make me unique.  I get excited easily-ha!. Helping friends makes me feel good–even if all that means they need is a hug. And, as you know, I love fully and want to help others to be happier and #passlove along to others. 🙂

Plus, I am blessed with a knowledge of social media, a blog, and never-ending passion for yoga, running, and movement. And the #lornajanespringclean is an example of how I am able #passlove via all my channels of communication. 🙂

As a part of the first “move” week for the #lornajanespringclean, I was able to work on some harder yoga poses with the amazing Ashley Halley of MOVE here in Tampa Bay.  Ashley is like Kevin Bacon. Just as Kevin fosters enthusiasm for non-profits with SixDegrees.org, so does Ashley foster enthusiasm for yoga, movement, and feeling good in your body.

Ashley has energy that is incomparable. She is not afraid to laugh in yoga, to ask questions, and to move fluidly–and Ashley encourages her students to follow her lead.

When I found about the #lornajanespringclean challenge, I *knew* I had to move with Ashley! (Plus, she loves Lorna Jane, too!)

After Prana Flow class at Yogani Studios, we played around with side plank variations as part of “move” week… My arms were sure tired afterwards!

Still, we had a blast! Moving the body in challenging poses feels *so* good! 🙂

We hope we inspired you to get out there and move your body in a new way today.  I’m sending  some of our positive energy your way to help motivate you in your fitness journey!

I encourage you, as well, to examine your talents. What do your friends love about you? What comes naturally to you that may be challenging for others? How can you use your skills, your talents, your personality to help others?

Use your YOU-ness to do something good today! You’ll never know what positive ripples you can create unless you try!



  • Whitney Mills

    April 10, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    That’s so cool that yo got to meet Kevin Bacon! Wow, that is one yoga pose. You go girl!


  • xiomara @ Parkesdale

    April 10, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Kevin Bacon! How cool is that! Now that summer is almost here, I’m looking forward to some hot yoga soon.