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Love your body!

Last week, fellow #SweatPink ambassador Kimberly of Manifest Yourself wrote a love letter to her body.  She inspired me to take a deeper look at self-love.

Here’s my attempt to tell my body I’m grateful. Because you definitely can’t #PassLove if you don’t start by remembering why you love yourself!

Dear Body,

Thank you for carrying me through twenty-nine plus years of life.

I know, I know, it hasn’t been easy.

There’s that scoliosis part. That asthma and weird allergies thing. And the times I’ve fallen, stumbled, been in a car accident, and had other outside forces cause icky things to happen.  Not to mention all my self-inflicted pain. I’m sorry I called you fat when you weren’t. I’m sorry I thought you’d be fine if I only had a small cookie for lunch. Or, you know, didn’t have lunch at all. Or just got rid of it. I know I was wrong. I’m sorry I didn’t feed you or nourish you or take care of you for a while. Good thing we got past that, yeah?

But I’m also thankful for all the awesome stuff you’ve helped me do. I will never forget the first time I earned that first place blue ribbon in swim team as a kid. Or learning to dance. To run with the wind. And yoga–reminding me that the mind and body can never be separated. And of course, we can’t forget the pretty…. We’ve had some fun hairstyles over the years! Not to mention the awesome clothes we’ve been able to wear! 😉

Body, we’ve had quite the journey. The physical height may not have changed what feels like decades, but the love has grown. I can do handstands, I will someday get that sub two hour half marathon (we’ve come so close!), and I can sit in meditation comfortably.  I still have a ways to go with that crooked spine of mine, but the body irregularities only make you love you more.  Because of the back pain, I have learned yoga alignment in a different way, I have learned to teach better, to run more smartly, when push harder, and when to ease off and relax. And I wouldn’t trade it for the most “perfect” physically fit body.

I love my body…just the way it is.  Thanks body. I’m glad we’ve become friends. We have a lifetime to continue to get to know each other better! 🙂


If you wrote a love letter to your body, what would it say? Thank you Kimberly for the inspiration and suggestion that I write one of my own! 🙂


  • Kimberly Whittaker

    April 4, 2014 at 8:11 am

    This is beautiful, girlie! It’s crazy to look at our bodies from the outside…it made me so much more appreciative.

  • Megan (The Lyons Share)

    April 6, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Awesome post, Lora!!! It’s hard – but so important – to take a step back and appreciate our bodies. Way to go!

  • Jodi Masterson

    June 4, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Beautiful! Powerful! Transparent!
    thank you!