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#PassLove: Selfless Saturdays

In order to #PassLove, we have to get out of the mindset of “ME ME ME” and get OUT into the world.

That’s why I love the new initiative “Selfless Saturdays.”

“Selfless Saturdays” is a new campaign to promote acts of selflessness. Where, in the words of the founder Lindsay, the campaign is a way to provide “a place where you can come to see how beautiful this planet truly is.  Through the smallest positive actions there can be immensely astonishing outcomes.”

It’s so easy to forget the big picture. To get bogged down by work, by bills, by day-to-day tasks.

But the world is an amazing place and we can all work together to make it beautiful. As Lindsay says, “Sometimes we just need a little help waking up and seeing the beauty that’s right in front of our eyes to see an entirely new world.”

I plan to take part in Selfless Saturdays. To consciously do something good for others and promote it via facebook, twitter, and my networks to inspire others to do good. To help others to #PassLove by behaving in a selfless way.  This may mean I’ll visit a soup kitchen, teach a donation yoga class for my friend’s yoga for veterans #YogaBeard cause, or just go out of my way to do a favor for a friend.

And I think you can join me too.

Selfies rule the Internet. And yes, I was in a Kevin Bacon selfie. But that was ok. Because that one counts as a selfless selfie. To promote SixDegrees.org, Give Day Tampa Bay, and the power of giving back.

The Kevin Bacon Selfie.

But the average selfie is an act of insecurity. Of a need for approval. Low self-esteem.  Selfless Saturdays isn’t saying to give up selfies entirely, just to use them for good, not evil. 😉

Lindsay says “Selfless Saturdays is an awareness that every selfless act will go noticed regardless of how big or small it is! Every person, being and soul is appreciated and does wonderfully kind things on the daily whether they realize it or not. It’s to show everyone that even if the person you are helping directly doesn’t notice other people will. We all live on this planet together to teach and learn from one another.”

I’m going to practice Self-less Saturdays. And Selfless Mondays, Tuesdays, and the WHOLE rest of the week, too.

Will you join us?

As Lindsay encourages, “Join the Selfless Saturdays family. Become a part of the movement. Listen to other people’s experiences and share your own! Always remember, it’s not about the past or the later. It’s about the NOW”

#PassLove. Be Selfless. Join the Selfless Saturday movement. Let’s change the world through love y’all!

How to join the Selfless Saturday Movement:
Follow Selfless Saturdays on Twitter: @Selflesssats
Like the Selfless Saturdays Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/selflesssaturdaysmovement

Use the hashtag #SelflessSaturdays when you post your photos!

For more information, you can email selflesssaturdaysmovement (at) gmail (dot) com

About Lindsay, the founder of Selfless Saturdays:

A Canadian, Lindsay grew up outside of Toronto. Having studying Film and Television Production, Lindsay currently works as an editor for the Fish’n Canada show and, when not editing, she freelances throughout Toronto creating her own film and photography projects.  Lindsay says that “some of my personal hobbies include dancing (mainly around my kitchen), being my own creative chef (if I manage to keep the house from burning down), maintaining a healthy lifestyle (both mentally and physically), and spending as much time as I can learning from my friends, family and all the amazing people I meet every day.”

We love people who have a passion for Art, a passion for creativity, and devote themselves to learning from their friends–and who want to make the world a better place. Thank you Lindsay for creating Selfless Saturdays! You know how to #PassLove and we think that ROCKS!


  • Stacey Merrill

    April 12, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    I love this idea! Going to have to check it out more. On the aside, you are now a cog in the great universal wheel of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon 🙂

  • Jessica Spivey

    April 14, 2014 at 6:19 am

    What a neat idea! It would be great to do with kids too – teach them early!