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What does #PassLove mean to you?

I have been asking this question to myself, my friends, on twitter, etc. Now I pose it to you.  What do YOU think of when you hear or see #PassLove? What does #PassLove mean to you?

I wan to know! Share it with me! Here are a few answers to get the ball rolling. Expect a vlog and update next week with more answers and inquiry! 🙂

Here are some of the answers I’ve received so far:

“It means to spread happiness and help to those you love and strangers.. make someone smile #passlove” — @samieshmamie

“A grassroots social movement to help us keep love top of mind and therefore better our relationships with ourselves, friends, family, co-workers and the world around us.”

To simply put it…#passlove to me kind of like how a parent is to a child. You genuinely do things, provide opportunities to see the success of another. However it’s a win-win because creating positive opportunities for another is gratification in itself. By passing love, you create the potential for it in others and therefore create a domino of happiness and caring. – Evelynn

To #passlove is like when someone gives you a compliment or gives you an unexpected gift just because whatever it may be it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy; it makes your day.  That feeling of happiness, love and wholeness.  When you feel that you just want to spread it and #passlove on to someone else.  It’s being grateful and kind to others. It’s a tiny circle of karma.”  – Karen

“#passlove means being able to bring some love to someone else through simple asks of kindness. You can even #passlove by loving yourself and keeping a positive attitude because others will see that ray of sunshine in you and it will spread to them.” – Jenna

“When I think of #PassLove what comes to mind is obviously love, loving your neighbor, your family, your boss, your friends but also showing love to those people that might make it harder for you to show love, so yes even that old lady that cut you off on your morning commute to work today, instead of sending her somewhere else down south, send her love. No doubt it’ll make your day better and maybe that old lady’s too!” – Sara

“#passlove is to abide in abundance by remaining conscious of the universal love.”

What do you think? What does #PassLove mean to you? Comment below, email me (dailysouthernsunshine (at) gmail (dot) com), tweet me at @lora_hogan, capture it in a picture, you name it! We’ll be sharing more responses as they come in. Stay tuned! And remember…

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