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What to do when the crazies hit

I have a confession.

I let the cray-cray get the best of me.

As a woman, every so often I get a little crazy.  For no reason. The hormones spiral out of control. Anxiety kicks in. And I turn into a little bit of a crazy mess.

And it sucks!!!

Because not only does it affect you, but it alters the way you deal with friends and loved one, can interfere with your exercise routine, and just generally make you feel like a big ol’ pile of poop.

Not so bueno!

So what do you do?

Not what I did.

I literally felt crazy and felt like I was having a mid-life crisis (early). I made mountains out of molehills and felt so overwhelmed I wasn’t even sure what action steps I could possibly take.

So I freaked out. Thankfully, I freaked out with friends.

And then I tried to recognize that my emotions, my hormones, my everything was spiraling out of control. And worked to simmer it down!

I got a massage. I went to acupuncture. I got my toes prettied up with a pedicure. I did a TON of yoga. I went for a super speedy run. I prayed.  I saw friends. I expressed my concerns to people who cared about me and listened to there advice. I stayed away from things that made me more overwhelmed, anxious, and feel not so good.

And I reminded myself that EVERYTHING was going to be okay.

And then I waited.

And eventually…the crazy overwhelming feeling passed.

I’m back to normal.

And my hormones don’t always spiral so out of control every month. But every so often…being a woman gets out of control and everything goes BLAHHHHHHHHH!!!! And I think men have that happen sometimes, too! 😉

Do you feel that way sometimes? How do you calm yourself down when you realize your mind is racing or your body is unusually tense? How do you reconnect to the present when you feel like you are getting worked up, getting overly anxious, or just plain feeling completely overwhelmed by life?

How do you breathe in and #PassLove back to yourself? Because we can’t help others unless we can first help ourselves!!

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