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Making Yoga A Spiritual Experience

Happy Friday y’all!

I just love Fridays in spring, don’t you? Gorgeous sunshine, weekend ahead, and always a feeling that good stuff is here and, as always, more good stuff is coming.

And good stuff IS here.

Today I am featured on Passion for Life, Love, and Health! WOOHOO!

Do you wonder how I make group yoga classes a spiritual experience? I carry my spirituality into the yoga classes that I take and you can, too! It’s easy! Plus, no one even has to know what you are doing! (Because, admit it, we all get self-conscious about spirituality.) Although I am a Christian, these tips work for ALL faiths.

Read my FIVE tips on making yoga a personal spiritual experience.


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Reminder, these tips can apply to persons of ALL faiths…so don’t be afraid to check them out if you are not Christian! I think we all can benefit from making our yoga a spiritual experience.  Read the post and join in the discussion!

Have an awesome day! #PassLove