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#PassLove: Gemma Fountain & Risquerobics in St. Pete


We all feel it at some time or another. And often, that feeling of insecurity manifests itself as self-consciousness and fear.  We will avoid stepping out of our comfort zone because it is easier to stay where it is “safe” and known.

Often, for women, these feelings of self-consciousness get rooted in the body.  We need to love our bodies. All of our body.

And part of that self-esteem process begins with knowing that you are flirty, fun, and just plain awesome!

Several years ago I met Gemma through zumba and group fitness. Gemma’s energy was infectious, her choreography better than any other zumba teacher I had met, and, more importantly, Gemma had a way of reminding you that you are just plain awesome.

Meet Gemma:

After years away, Gemma is back in Tampa Bay.

And offering her one of a kind Risquerobics.

What is Risquerobics you may ask? Literally, it is a sexy chair fitness class.

In reality, Risquerobics is so much more.

Gemma describes it as “Risquerobics isn’t about doing the most advanced moves, it’s about doing the moves YOU feel most confident doing and that YOU look sexiest doing.”

Risquerobics is about loving you, feeling confident, and having a blast while doing it.

For Tampa Bay folks, Gemma hosts a Risquerobics TEASER class this Friday, May 16 from 6:30-7:30 pm at the Bay Medical Fitness Center on Central Avenue in St. Pete. For details and to sign-up (the class is only $10 through tomorrow–May 13!!) visit the Risquerobics website at http://risquerobics.com.

What’s the deal with a teaser class?  The Risquerobics course is a four-week (called FOURPLAY) class devoted to learning the choreography for one song. The full FOURPLAY class is SO MUCH FUN. I have done it twice! Gemma describes it best, “The FOURPLAY course is a BLAST. I teach a sexy dance routine to a fun and sassy song. We have so much fun. We laugh as much as we dance. I teach a variety of ‘options’ to the moves so that each participant can pick which one they prefer to do. Everyone in the room does their own version of the dance so they feel the most confident. At the end, you’ll have one super sexy dance to perform for your audience (wink! wink!)

Friday’s TEASER class gives you a hint of what the larger experience is–over the course of an hour. It’s an hour you won’t regret!!!!

Gemma describes the TEASER class as “an introductory class to introduce the moves, tricks and philosophy of Risquerobics but we don’t just dance, we also have a chat. I discuss posture, confidence, self-esteem, mental attitude and more. The TEASER class can be a life changing event.  It’s not surprising for people to be moved to tears in a TEASER class as they let walls fall down inside them. I pretty much cry in every TEASER class :)”

But they are good tears, I promise you!   

Risquerobics is not for you if:

  • you are a man (it’s ladies only!)
  • if you are afraid to conquer your fear
  • you don’t like having fun
  • if you don’t want to be a more awesome lady

Even if you have never shimmied in your life, it’s time to learn to shake and dance and find some confidence with Gemma. Gemma has taught Risquerobics to people as old as 79 and even people with injuries (one participant wore two leg braces!). Risquerobics is for everyone–there are modifications to fit YOU if YOU are ready to sign up.

I highly recommend Gemma’s TEASER class.  I will be there Friday night with bells on!

If you are ready to have fun, be sassy, and embrace your awesomeness this class is for you! (And if you can’t attend, check out the Risquerobics website for future offerings!) If you live out of town, check Gemma’s website for future offerings and information on hosting a class of your own.

See you Friday! As Gemma says, “This class isn’t about showing off, it’s about showing up and doing YOU!” I love to be ME! What better than practicing being me in a fun, safe environment with a spunky awesome teacher like Gemma?

My heels are ready…. are yours?


  • Running Betty

    May 14, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    Gemma is awesome! I used to take her Zumba classes. She has so much personality… and the MOVES to go with it! I’m sure anyone would have fun trying out this class of hers.