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#PassLove: Give Back for Give Day Tampa Bay

Give Day Tampa Bay.
Today is a day to celebrating giving back.
And giving locally to causes we care about.
As Jocelyn Carpenter said to me in a blog post from April 6, “Often what stops people from giving is the idea that what they have to give won’t make a difference.  We can’t all be Bill Gates, but we can all do something.” We can all do something.
Today is about doing that something.
Today is a day to #PassLove, give and support causes we care about.
Every amount makes a difference.
And when you add all our amounts together?
It can be a big difference.
I just donated to the Exalted Warrior Foundation and my friend Nick’s #yogabeard campaign.
If you are looking for a cause to support today, I highly recommend the Exalted Warrior Foundation. Based in Tampa Bay, the Exalted Warrior Foundation provides free adaptive yoga classes to veterans around the United States, including Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC, Tampa’s James A Haley Veteran’s Hospital, in Brooklyn, St. Petersburg, Florida, Virginia Beach, and at Annie’s own yoga studio–Yogani–in Tampa, Florida
Nick’s #yogabeard campaign is a fundraising initiative for the Exalted Warrior Foundation. The Exalted Warrior Foundation and yoga changed Nick’s life. I would paraphrase, but recommend reading the previous blog article to see Nick’s full story. Nicholas Caris aims to show his gratitude to the Exalted Warrior Foundation’s yoga classes while simultaneously raising awareness and vital funds for this cause. This campaign will continue from now through the end of December.  Nick hopes to raise $100,000 for the Exalted Warrior Foundation and it would be amazing if we could give him a boost for Give Day Tampa Bay.
Nick in Warrior 2
To give to Exalted Warrior Foundation, you can visit the main website, visit my link as a part of Nick’s campaign (pretty please!! I have a ways to go to get to my $1000 goal!), or give via the Give Day Tampa Bay website.
If you have questions or would like to learn more about the Exalted Warrior Foundation and the #yogabeard, please visit  the following links:

Let’s #PassLove and pass along whatever we can today.  Join the movement. Because your gift DOES make a difference.

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