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Keeping Endurance Runs Toxin-Free with Vega Sport

 I try to eat as clean as possible.

Yet, whenever I do a long endurance race, I find myself having to rely upon products that contain lots of ingredients I can’t pronounce. And I feel like I don’t have a choice. When you’re on mile 10 running and suddenly feel drained, sometimes you need that pick me up. And you use whatever you can.

When I was invited to sample Vega Sport for free in return for an honest review, I jumped at the chance to try their endurance gels. I wanted to find a healthier energy gel alternative and I have loved past Vega products.

The Vega motto: #FuelYourBetter.  Their products: Plant based. No corn-syrup or Maltodextrin.

Here’s the ingredients in the raspberry endurance gel:

Okay, so I pretty much know what all of that is.  I did need to google sorghum malt. (which is a gluten-free yeast nutrition substance, commonly found in gluten-free beers and syrups.  Also, sorghum is a cereal crop and primarily grown in the United States.)

Now…my review! How did all that plant based energy work together to #fuelyourbetter on my run?

The Good:

  • Ingredients 
  • Raspberry Flavor
  • It worked!!! I felt greater energy and speed. And no stomach cramping occurred. Always a win!

The Different:

  • Very different texture than most endurance gels, you will find that it is more grainy and heavier.  Made it a bit harder to have while moving; I found I needed to slow down to consume it.

The Bad:

  • The pouch is a lot bigger than normal endurance gels I carry. It was hard to fit in my spibelt and made it hard to keep all the other stuff (including my inhaler, cell phone, etc.) that I like to have with me when I race or run long distances.
  • The pouch was also bigger so you have to CONSUME more to get the benefits. Just took more time than normal.

The Verdict:

  • Unless I really can’t fit the gels in my belt, I would SO much rather sacrifice space and take a little longer to have an endurance gel that is not full of fake crap. I love my body and I want to #fuelyourbetter. I don’t want to be adding toxins on my runs. I want to give my body some love, even during the hardest race!! I will definitely be using Vega Endurance Gels in the future.  I love my body and my body is worthy of being fed the good stuff, not the cheap/fake stuff.

Vega really did FUEL MY BETTER and helped my runs be longer and faster without any tummy cramping! That’s a miracle unto itself. Plus, my mouth didn’t feel super sugary afterwards or gross from all the fake stuff often found in gels. I will definitely use Vega gels regularly on my long training runs.

Check out the website and wide range of products at fuelyourbetter.com.

What’s your favorite gel for races and long training runs?


  • jillconyers

    June 2, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Love Vega and I use several of their products to fuel my better! I really want to try the recovery accelerator.

  • Ali K.

    June 2, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Thanks for this review! I love Vega’s pre-workout drink, but definitely feel like I need something more “clean” for during the run, too!

  • Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre

    June 2, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    I was trying to find a supplement with no cholesterol and that one kept on coming up in my searches thanks so much for the review!