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Guest Post: Mindful with Your Money!

Today we are very lucky to have Amy from Long Drive Journey as a guest blogger!!! I love Amy’s blog, as she talks about healthy living BEYOND just food.  Amy also believes it is important to #PassLove to YOU and overall mindfulness. I am THRILLED to have her post here today!! 🙂

Read on and be SURE to add Long Drive Journey to your blog reading list! 🙂


Hi Daily Southern Sunshine readers! I’m Amy and I blog over at Long Drive Journey (http://longdrivejourney.com).  I live (and write) by the fact that healthy living is about a whole lot more than just what you eat.  I try to incorporate a lot of those other things into my blog, like laughing hard, loving yourself, and not taking things too seriously.  One of the reasons that I love Daily Southern Sunshine so much is that Lora practices regular mindfulness in the way that she approaches her life.  So when she asked me to write a post about a different kind of mindfulness – as it pertains to money – I was excited for this chance!

Believe it or not, being intentional about the way that we spend our money is an extension of living a stress-free life.  When you know where your dollars are going, a huge source of anxiety disappears.  At the ripe old age of 25, I’ve learned that my grandfather was right when he said that money doesn’t grow on trees.  So here are some ways to hold on to the money that you do have so that you can spend it in a way that honors your goals and intentions.


1. Keep a budget.  Money is only a conduit for obtaining other things that we want.  The only way to truly be able to control your money is to know where it’s going.  Figure out how much it costs you to pay for all of the necessities, and then figure out your fun money.  As much as I believe in the power of retail therapy, I also know that getting to the end of the month and not being able to afford a birthday gift for your mom, or eating ramen noodles for a week, is probably not where you want to be.  Separate your budget into needs and wants, give yourself money for both, and honor your plan.

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2. Support yourself, for yourself.  Many times, we find ourselves in difficult positions with money because we have allowed ourselves to get there.  Emergencies happen, and everyone needs to ask for help sometimes, but no one should have to bail you out every month.  You are worth the time and patience that is takes to create an emergency fund, save for the future, and learn why in the world you need a 401k.  Make it a goal to live within, and not beyond, your means.  Many of us spend money that we don’t have trying to measure up to someone (or something) else.  Realize that you are valuable regardless of whether or not you have the newest handbag or the fanciest car.

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3. If you struggle to live within your means, ask yourself why.  What void are you using money or possessions to fill?  Take a minute to be mindful about where your money is going and whether or not there are certain times that you feel more out of control with your spending.  What do those times have in common? We’d all love to have a quick solution to our sadness, or our insecurities, or our problems, but in the end, buying more and more things may fill up our closets, but it doesn’t fill our souls.  Cheesy? Maybe.  True? Absolutely.

Remember, it’s never JUST about the money.  It’s about learning how to be present and fulfilled without emptying your bank account.  Does that mean you can’t ever treat yourself? Absolutely not.  It just means that you can be confident that your indulgences will never get in the way of your necessities.  And that kind of confidence? It doesn’t grow on trees either.

Lora here! 🙂 Thank you AMY! What do you think? Do you practice money mindfulness? Do you love your money and love yourself enough to value and take care of your money and your future? Any tips or tricks to pass along! Let us know in the comments below!!!


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THANK YOU AMY so very much for helping us get confident with our funds! I love my money and I hope my readers will, too! 🙂 Stay confident and mindful when it comes to finances my friends!