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Aim High & Set Goals


“If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

What are you aiming at?

Are you specific in your goal setting?

Sure, you probably have goals for your life and your future. But are they SPECIFIC? Are they MEASURABLE? Do you know, clearly, what you are reaching for?

My minister gave the example yesterday in church that you may wish, say, to “be healthier.” But that alone is too vague. It can’t be measured. It can’t be tracked. You can’t fully give your all and move in the direction of just being “healthier.” You need to set specific goals. Maybe it is to run a marathon. Maybe it is to lower your cholesterol by xyz amount. Maybe it is to lose a specific amount of weight. But there needs to be a goal. It needs to be measurable, shareable, trackable. Because otherwise you won’t be able to succeed.

This expands to all elements of our lives. Our careers. Our relationships with loved ones. Our relationships with ourselves.

It’s time to set some NEW goals.

It’s August. It’s back-to-school time. But it can also be back-to-YOU time.

Pull out your journal. I’m serious. Go, grab one. Get it out!

Write down….

1) What do you want to improve in your life, generally? Where do you want to put your focus on?

2) What can you do to work towards this goal every day?

3) What do you want to accomplish towards this goal by the end of the week? The month? 3 months?

4) Do you have clear measurable outcomes? How can you share your goal with others to hold yourself accountable? Are there tips and tricks to help you get there?

5) Who can be your help posse? Should you join a class? A group on facebook? Do you have friends who could help you reach your goal? How does your family come into play? Make yourself a support group. If you aren’t instantly a part of one, how can you find one? How can YOU hold yourself accountable and be your own support system, as well?

Set yourself up for success! Be specific. Simplicity can be the best!

This isn’t rocket science. But it is HARD. We like to avoid aiming at specific targets. We risk failure. It feels scary or uncomfortable. It takes WORK to set specific goals.

But without the work, there can never be the reward.

Are you aiming at nothing? Can you aim SPECIFICALLY? Make positive change a priority. Starting today.

Give it a shot! Share your goals down below. I’ll be posting mine for all of you to see later this week!!

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