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Be an intention seeker!

AHHHH! Guess what y’all! I am an INTENTION SEEKER!! AHHHHHHH!

WebLoraHoganParty-43“Intention Seeker” top by Inner Fire Apparel paired with “Lotus Legging” also by Inner Fire Apparel, Chakra necklace by Sacred Charms & Juil “Hawa” Ballet Flats

What’s an intention seeker you may ask?

One determined to follow his/her path throughout life. One who has aims, aspirations, goals, a mission. One who not only SETS dreams, but chases after them on a day to day basis. One who knows that each and every day is an opportunity to get one step closer to accomplishing your goal, to living a fuller and better life. To being more present in the here and now.

In the craziness of the world, it is so tempting to be an attention seeker. We are overwhelmed by social media, busyness, insecurity, quests for money, recognition, a need to “make a place in the world.” But the world isn’t about the attention from the outside, it’s about accomplishing your INTENTIONS from the inside.

Be an intention seeker.

Seek to better yourself every day.

Be present.

Give love.

Chase your dreams.

Connect to your sense of self.

Dream big.

Go after those dreams each and every day.

I’m an intention seeker.

I think you should be, too.

WebLoraHoganParty-48“Intention Seeker” top by Inner Fire Apparel paired with “Lotus Legging” also by Inner Fire Apparel, jewelry by Sacred Charms & Juil “Hawa” Ballet Flats

What do you say?

Let me know in the comments below!



Note: All photos by the fabulous Ashlee Hamon! 🙂


  • Tina Reale Yoga

    October 21, 2014 at 6:45 am

    I love this idea! We have to live intentionally even in the smallest of ways. PS – I might have an intention to find that outfit now too…. 😉