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Power of Presence

Sometimes it is hard to follow your own advice.

At the end of September I wrote about how “rest is coming for you!” I urged my students and readers to take responsible rest to better enjoy life.

And then I promptly went on to ignore my own advice.

After days of getting up at 5 am (going to bed anywhere between 11pm and 2:30 am), running long runs or speed work, and lots of powerful vinyasa flow yoga, (not to mention teaching yoga, running around, social events, work events, jam packed days full of work meetings, etc.), I finally reached the breaking point.

You think I would know better.

Two years ago I broke my toe after go-go-going too much.

This time, my toe was saved, but my yoga practice was not. While rushing and multitasking in the kitchen, I discovered one of the true pitfalls of NOT paying attention. Instead of slicing the veggies, I nearly sliced off my finger.


Because I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing.


Because I was thinking about ALL of the stuff I had to do today.


Because I was RUSHING. I was trying to hurry a process along that cannot safely be hurried.

As a result?

No run for me today. No downward dog. No plank pose. No handstand. No arm balances.

Lots of blood and pain and just general annoyance.

But I’m accepting it. I’m accepting my own injury. (And don’t ever almost cut the tip of your finger off y’all, it’s pretty gruesome!)

My body and mind needed rest. I was refusing to comply. And so rest found me due to my own frantic pace. Due to my own lack of presence.

Whelp, that certainly brought me back to the now!

The lesson?

Always be here.

Slow down, even when you don’t want to. Slow down–especially when you feel like you don’t want to or “don’t have enough time.” Focus on one thing at a time. Pay attention. Don’t worry about the future, a to do list, or past events. Let them go. Come back to the present moment.

Because thank goodness it was just a knife slicing my finger. What happens if you overdue it driving (car accident anyone?), on the road (falling is no fun, neither are shin splints!), or in the yoga class (yes you can get injured in yoga)?  When we aren’t present there are many opportunities to injure ourselves, to say something unkind, or to in other way act thoughtlessly.  My lack of present moment awareness caused me get a major owie on my finger,  not to mention that I missed out on the actual lovely and quite meditative action of simply slicing vegetables.

So as well head into Halloween week, I remind you all to find presence. To take a step back. To take a deep breath in and sigh it out the mouth. To come back to the now. Maybe sleep a little more. Maybe not go to that one event that you’re supposed to go to but you don’t really have to go to. Maybe spend a little less time running and a little more time meditating. But whatever you do, do it in the present. Take care of you. REST.

Because that pesky rest really does come for you if you aren’t mindful and remember to be present and provide rest for yourself.

Have you ever injured yourself because you weren’t paying attention and were go-go-going too much? As normal, let me know in the comments below!





  • Erin @ Her Heartland Soul

    October 28, 2014 at 11:45 am

    I need presence and peace. I have been go go go ing too much.

  • Terence Young

    October 28, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Great post Lora! I’m sorry to hear about your finger and I’m sending you good vibes to heal up soon. Somehow the Universe always knows exactly what we need. I’m sure the rest will be good for you. Relax , enjoy it and get better. Thanks again for another great post… 🙂